Friday, December 4, 2015

Travel: London, England


London! My absolute favorite city in the world. I assume those who know me quite well could go on complaining about how much I talk about wanting to move to London and how much in love I am with this city. One day! These pictures are from my Spring trip to Europe this year, which I took with my boyfriend after we graduated University. This was Zach's first visit to Europe and my only shot to make him fall in love the way I had when I first set my eyes upon English soil. I am not sure if it is London's vibrant and long history that attracts me or the fact that I have English ancestors, or that I just love tea and biscuits, but London is quite magical in my mind. I have probably mentioned this before on the blog, but I have a very strong interest in all things Tudor England. Visiting London brings the stories I have read between pages to something real and tangible. 

Who wouldn't want to take a selfie at the Tower of London, right?! This was our first stop. And I could see a light start to glow in Zach's eyes. Finally he understood what I was always babbling on about. How could something so old still be here today? (In America, old is not quite... so old!) You can hear the echoes of past lives bounce off the walls and see the eyes of ghosts staring down from the windows. A queen of England lost her head at this very spot. Two young princes were lost in the tower, never to be seen again. Mystery, intrigue and deception can be found around every corner. It is like living in a fictional story only to learn that what you thought could not be true actually is! 

Hampton Court is my favorite royal palace. When I first visited Hampton Court with my mother in 2008 the sky was crystal blue. The weather was warm and comfortable and all the flowers in the garden were in bloom. We enjoyed a lovely lunch next to the gardens and spent hours roaming the halls of this prestigious palace. While this time around we weren't so lucky to get some sun, the same magical essence still hung in the air. Once again, this goes back to my loving of the Tudors, and all the stories of Henry VIII popped up before my eyes. This was especially true when I saw a man dressed as the king himself and giving tours of the castle! What a fun place this must be to work, I would consider this a dream job!

On the right here was the hostel Zach and I stayed in. We had a private room and the breakfast was on point. If you are looking for a hostel to stay in while visiting London, definitely check out Palmer's Lodge: Swiss Cottage! 

Coat: Burberry
Dress: Free People
Tight: H&M
Boots: J Shoes
Backpack: Fjallraven Kanken

Of course I need to sneak in one outfit photo! It is so important to stay comfy when walking around a large city. Zach and I were reaching over 20,000 steps daily. While I believe comfort is number one, being fashionable is still number two! I find jeans uncomfortable so I packed quite a few pairs of tights to wear with skirts and dresses. 

Lastly, we had to make a stop at...

Harry Potter Studios!!! I wish I could fully explain how exciting this adventure was on our last day in the city. I've read all the books, seen all the movies and I even have a deathly hallows sticker on my car. Needless to say, I am a huge Harry Potter fan. As you can see we  got to view Hogwarts castle, go aboard Hogwarts Express and, my favorite, see a ton of costuming used during the films. We also got to go to 4 Privet Drive, drink butterbeer and walk down Diagon Alley. Basically, I was in heaven. Anyone visiting London who loves Harry Potter must go here! You will need to book your tickets in advance however, you will not be allowed to buy them at the studio. 

Well, I hope you enjoyed this little visit to London! Have you ever been? I would love to hear about any cool places you visited!