Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Apple Picking

Cardigan- Ralph Lauren
Dress- Umgee
Tights- H&M
Socks- Mum's sock drawer!
Boots- J Shoes
Necklace- Fleamarket in Hollywood

Hello hello hello! Sorry for the little break there, have been having a few computer problems... and I've been addicted to reading more than normal. The good news is I found a job! And one I am pretty excited about. I'll tell you more about after this Saturday (my first day!). The bad news is that I am scared I will not have any time to read books with a full work week coming up and have hence been binge reading five different books. Especially into Gone with the Wind right now... only 300 pages left! 

Any who, went apple picking over the weekend with my boyfriend and his family! I had never been to an apple orchard before... who knew they were so magical! It was also only $15 for a full basket and I swear we got around 40 apples for that price. After roaming the random rows of various apples, from Macintosh to Granny Smith, we stopped by the farms country store and picked up some freshly squeezed apple cider. 

As if they day could not become more full of apple and fall perfectness, we came home and made apple pie from scratch! It was such a fun day, I will definitely heading back to the orchard next fall as well! 

I wanted to be comfy since I assumed this adventure required quite a bit of walking, which it did. I was glad to have worn my favorite pair of boots and loose tunic/dress (tunic for me, dress for people of a normal height!). As the weather gets colder I get more excited about wearing cardigans and jackets. This new sweater I found at a thrift shop and it has really cool elbow patches to match it's already pretty awesome plaid pattern! 

Pictures courtesy of Zach  



Serena Jae said...

Ah - this looks so fun! I actually just went apple picking for the first time about a week ago and it was a great time!

PS - Cute outfit, as always! Hope all is well!

Francesca said...

Aww what beautiful photos! You are so pretty! That sounds like the perfect day too, I love apple picking and all things fall!


Kezzie said...

Hello there Kaylee! It's lovely to meet you and thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a nice comment! Your apple-picking outfit is adorable- fun but cosy- those boots are truly amazing and I like the fact that your dress subsciously says 'Apple' in its colouring!! WELL DONE on your new job- that's absolutely brilliant (always horrid trying to find one- eh!?!) I hope the first day is brilliant! I'm sure you'll fit in time for reading- I am a teacher (rather busy) and I try to read on the train to work and when I eat and go to bed so I fit in around 7-11 books a month usually .

Rachel said...

That top is adorable! Good job planning to be comfortable for the activity! That's always of prime importance to me!

Vera said...

Omg, I had no idea you were back to blogging! I have always loved your posts so much :) So glad to see you and your lovely outfits again <3

Amy said...

You look beautiful among the apples! I would dream of going apple picking - it makes me feel like I am a character in one of the story books I've come to love.

Good luck on the job! I know how nerve wracking first times or the beginning of any new adventure can be. You'll do brilliantly, and if there's ever trouble, remember life is short. :)

Have a lovely, lovely day

<3 Amy

Midwest Muse said...

Kaylee! Ahhh!! I'm so glad you're back. You have always been one of my favorite bloggers. Your style & personality really speak to me and you've always came across as ridiculously genuine which is hard to do. I was just thinking about you the other day and how you always greatly inspire me in the Fall. This outfit is no exception. I want your sweater!