Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Pigeon Toed

I often forget how pigeon toed I actually am until I am looking over pictures. The one above clearly shows off how naturally my toes love to touch. When I was younger, it was way worse on one foot, but more recently it has evened out pretty swimmingly. For many years I thought this was yet another body flaw I had to worry about, as if my tummy and tights weren't already enough. Then something strange happened. 

My boyfriend, Zachary, mentioned when looking at a photograph of my awkward leg position, "I think it's pretty cute". Wait, really? I thought this was a shortcoming, something to hide away and correct until the imperfection was gone. Then came the "ah ha!" moment. Our imperfections are a part of us. While some of them can be fixed, we cannot magically photoshop ourselves like they do so often in media. And guess what! If you find someone who loves you, it doesn't matter if one eye is larger than the other or if your arms are too hairy. It is these small details that girls and women alike fret over on a constant basis, but listen up,


Having varying characteristics is what makes us interesting! Even though we are told hide our bodies and be ashamed of anything outside the mold, it is time to give up that train of thought. It is extremely unhealthy. So for once in our lives, let's enjoy our bodies and be happy for everything we have been given! 

Cardigan- Forever 21
Shirt- Target
Belt- Forever 21
Skirt- Forever 21
Tights- H&M
Boots- Bass
Camera Bag- Ona

Also, how beautiful is this camera bag from Ona? I seriously want all their bags... so much beauty and needed function in one item! 

Have a great one, 

Kaylee Nicole


Unknown said...

i think your outfit is very cute. i like the autumn colors (:

nice greetings from germany,
Jules from

Crissy said...

I think it's cute too! I love your outfit <3

Unknown said...

I LOVE this outfit, really love it!!
Hope you'll stop by our blog at
xoxo Amalie :-)

Unknown said...

I really liked this look, it reminds me of the first wishwishwish's looks :D

kisses from Portugal! *

Unknown said...

I kind of had to be okay with being different after realizing I was never going to be an average height among my peers. It was hard when I was a little kid, but there's no reason to keep worrying about things about your appearance you can't change!

Anyway, you look so incredibly fall-ish here with your orange cardigan. I'm jealous that you can wear tights too. I want to wear outfits like this!

Jamie |


very pretty look :)

Unknown said...

This outfit + your ONA bag = just perfect. :)