Friday, September 5, 2014

Not So Black & White

Hat- Vintage
Cardigan- Thrifted
Dress- Madewell
Socks- Topshop
Shoes- Dr. Martens

Time is a silly thing. Truly the only thing in our lives that is a constant. No matter what happens in ones life, time is always passing, changing. Unfortunately, there never seems to be enough of it! I have recently felt like the picture of this ideal American that has so much going on that they forget to relax and enjoy life. I am ready to take a step back, if only a small one. 

Hopefully once school settles back in I can find a routine that is not quite as insane as it is now. I need to remember that it is okay to sit down with a good book for an hour or to watch an episode of QI or two (if you haven't seen this show... seriously the best). 

Yesterday was a bit more relaxing day for me as I didn't have work. I dressed up cute, prepared to take some pictures and headed over with the boyfriend to his family's marina. It is so beautiful there that is reminded me to take a breath and remember that everything will be okay. 

Also, when is the weather going to cool down?! It was burning hot these past few days. I just want to wear my Frye boots! 

Have a great weekend, 

Kaylee Nicole


Sampada said...

You look great the sweet touch the socks add!

I cannot wait for it to cool down, only because I'm sick of being sweaty all the time haha.

Frannie Pantz said...

Aw well I'm glad you had fun and hope you have many more relaxing days like it! I am in love with your outfit! The socks are darling!

Unknown said...

Hey Kaylee!,

i wanted to say thank you for your cool comment! i was happy as i saw your english comment! thanks. maybe i should write some lines in english, in the future!

and now some words to your lovely post:

i loooove your outfit. it's so cute. and i love the little details. the cute socks in combination with the doc's. amazing.

you are a beautiful girl (:

<3 u have a new follower!

hope to read you soon and have a nice weekend!!!

Jules xx

gift of gab said...

Thanks for checking out my blog.

This outfit is just lovely<33