Friday, August 1, 2014

Summer Berry

Cardigan- Thrifted
Tank- Aerie
Skirt- Macy's (in New York!)
Shoes- Dr. Martens
Hair Bow- Forever 21

New York was amazing, as always, but I forgot to bring my camera. I was quite looking forward to taking outfit pictures there, but my silly brain forgets to bring things when it wakes up at five in the morning. The day was a blast though, I went shopping, to the body world exhibit (which consists of actual dead bodies), to D.C. Cupcakes (like the show on TLC), and enjoyed a yummy lunch of grilled cheese. There were so many people at Times Square, it's quite amazing. I always find myself wondering what it would be like to live there and maybe one day I will, although I am pretty set on London if I had to choose a big city. 

Anyhow, today it was suppose to rain, but there wasn't a single drop unfortunately. I love sitting on the porch and reading while the summer rains come in. It is also why I put on a cardigan, since the rain normally brings a cooler temperature. As far as the rest of the outfit goes it is pretty much a summer staple, a cute crop top, skirt, and a pair docs. These Dr. Martens were actually a gift from all the ladies that I was working with during my internship. Do they know me well or what? Plus they are the vegan ones which just elevates their awesome level. 

Instead of going out tonight, I've decided to stay in and catch up on my Pretty Little Liars episodes. Have you guys ever seen this teen drama show before? I love all the outfits the five main characters are always wearing. I think that is actually the main reason I watch it. And the fact that I need to know who A is! I am thinking they won't ever say however haha. Hope you guys have a fun and safe night! 

Kaylee Nicole


Frannie Pantz said...

Oh no! What a bummer that you forgot your camera!!! I love this shirt so much! Elephants are my fave!

Unknown said...

Beautiful photos! Love your skirt!

Sampada said...

I gave up on PLL a while back, but it's ridiculous how long they're dragging out the A mystery for haha. But their fashion is (mostly) on point. Spencer's my favorite overall (style and character wise).
I love your look here. The lace peeking out is great and elevates everything.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE Pretty Little Liars! And I love your Dr. Martens.