Tuesday, August 5, 2014

School Girl

Hat- H&M
Sweater- Thrifted
Dress- Modcloth
Socks- Forever 21
Oxfords- Bass

I picked up these really cute over the knee socks in maroon at Forever 21 in NYC. It was only four dollars a pair and I am now wishing I had bought them in more colors. We have been having unseasonably autumn weather over here, but it is supposed to heat back up next week. Just in time for my week at the beach! I feel like a girl ready to had back to school in this outfit, it also makes me want to sit by a window and read for hours. It is funny how outfits can inspire such moods. 

Until the warm weather is back I'll continue wearing my favorite cardigans and fall colors!

Kaylee Nicole


Frannie Pantz said...

Gah! I love these knee socks!

Kimmy said...

I love high socks, and your shoes are so cute! I wear leggings in every type of weather, it's so hot where I live but I hate having bare legs, I just don't feel comfortable/confident. So I cannot wait until colder weather hits my way.

Cute outfit, I'm ready for some back to school clothes too. XD

Sampada said...

Love this outfit! Now I can't wait for fall and cardigans and such! :)
Also, clothes play such an important role in mood...it's pretty amazing!


Unknown said...

This is the perfect outfit! Wauw, I love kneesocks! And indeed a outfit can give you different moods!