Thursday, August 21, 2014

DIY: Watermelon Top

Hello mates! I was feeling that it has been way too long since I posted a DIY post on the blog. Therefore, today I am going to teach you how to make a really adorable watermelon top. Follow the instructions and have fun!

* When working with dye, make sure to wear gloves so your fingers do not get stained.
* Either newspaper or plastic bags can work to prevent any stains on your work surface

Step One: Once you have a solid white top to work with, take your tape and make a horizontal line for where you want the pink dye to end and the green dye to start. Watermelons are mainly pink so make sure to place that line near the top! 

Step Two: Now your dye should have directions on it, but I used one tablespoon of dye per cup of hot water. Place your tablespoon of dye into your pipette bottle. Boil or heat water in the microwave for 3 minutes and pour into pipette bottle. Make sure to give your bottle a good stir or shake before applying dye to shirt

Step Three: Once you are done applying the pink dye with your pipette bottle, remove tape and mix up your green dye the same way you did with the pink. Make sure to thoroughly coat the shirt, you don't want any blank spaces! However, I left a slight gap between the pink and green so it could fade together and look more natural.

Step Four: Once done dying, hang up your top to dry for at least three hours. Once the shirt is almost dry, place in washing machine on gentle cycle with cold water. Tumble dry with low heat.

*If the top is dripping dye you can lay out a garbage bag flat on the ground to prevent staining the floor.

Your shirt should look something like this once out of the dryer! 

Step Five: Take your black fabric marker and draw on the seeds of the watermelon. I made mine into little tear drop shapes. 

You can either do a lot of seeds or a few, whichever you think looks better. Allow fabric marker to dry before wearing.

Step Six: Head out in your new adorable top and enjoy the last month of summer! 

This simple process can also be done of white dresses, white shorts, and white skirts! It is really simple and turns out pretty adorable. If you have any questions about this DIY, please ask here or shoot me an e-mail, I'd be glad to help! 

Have a great one, 

Kaylee Nicole 

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