Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Grunge + Curls

Hat: Vintage
Dress: Forever21
Necklace: Vintage
Socks: American Apparel
Boots: Dr. Martens
Rings: Thrifted

Bonjour mes amis! 
So sorry I haven't been posting, there is so much to catch up on. Over the past few months that I have been absent I flew home for a month, started an internship, got promoted at work, turned 22, and planned out my last semester of university. Absolutely crazy I say! Life never seems to slow down, even for a girl trying to find time for blogging. Well, to be honest, I did have free time, but it was spent either reading or watching historical documentaries on Netflix. My internship, which involved a lovely amount of visual merchandising, is ending on thursday however and I am ready to continue blogging daily outfits, inspiration, and news from the fashion world. 

As you can see I am still into the grunge style and my Dr. Marten collection has grown to six pairs! You can never have too many right? I am so excited to show off all the new items I have gotten over the past months, which includes two cloaks! They are velvet and just dreamy, I must say I am deeply wishing for some colder weather so I can wear them. 

Also I am headed to NYC for the day tomorrow! Hopefully I get the chance to snap some lovely photos for everyone. Thanks for staying faithful to my blog and sorry again for the absence, I didn't enjoy it either

Kaylee Nicole


Erika said...

I love the dress! So I've been dreaming about getting a pair of Dr. Martens for months now, but haven't been able to justify spending so much money on a pair of shoes. What would you say to someone like me? And any tips on first time doc buyers?

Frannie Pantz said...

Good to see you back! Happy belated birthday and good luck on your future ventures! You really were busy! You look so pretty in this dress!