Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Moody Spring


Hi everyone. Well, it is officially Spring. This being said, it has been snowing all day. Why is this happening to us!? I want sunshine and I want to read outside and eat strawberries while lying in the grass.

Needless to say, this cold weather has left me a tad moody. In the end, creating a Polyvore set inspired by a warmer season, was the only thing to lift my mood. I love the colors in this look and the dark edge to it. Definitely want all those rings also!

What inspires you when you when the weather is dreary?

Kaylee Nicole


Kirstie said...

Loving the color of those shorts and how they're nice and frayed. When the weather is crappy, I like to look ahead to the warmer months and just remember, they're on their way soon! And every now and then, the weather in Seattle, where I live, will tease us with a couple of gorgeous days, just to keep our interests. Lolz.


Ellie said...

Love the color of the shorts!!!

Unknown said...

love those purple shorts, a nice change from black