Sunday, March 16, 2014

Magic Wolf

Guys I was featured over on the Modcloth blog! Check it out! :) 

Hat: Urban Outfitters
Necklace: Handmade in Sweden
Cardigan: Talbots
Dress: Hot Topic
Belt: Modcloth
Socks: Alpaca 
Boots: J Shoes

How awesome is the print on this dress? It perfectly mixes my desire to dress more nature inspired, but still has a fun dark twist. The bonus is, it was on sale! Which is always good news to my poor college ears.  And it matches my purple tights! Win. 

I actually wore this outfit to D.C. the other day with Zach. We went and saw the the declaration of Independence and the Constitution of America. It was kind of surreal seeing such decisive documents. The papers written in that room, which I was in, formed The United States of America. Crazy if you really think about it. Especially thinking about what D.C. looked like to them? I wish I could just be transported to another time and view everyday life. Maybe one day? Until then, I will be here dreaming of times forgotten and trying to find ways to influence their fashion trends into modern fashion! Did I mention I love history? Any other other history lovers out there?? If so, what is your favorite period in time? 

Let me know! I would love to look into it. 

Kaylee Nicole


Nancy Wilde said...

This outfit is so cool! I love the eggplant tights and the boots^^

Purple said...

Ohh yes I'm a big history nerd too, esp American history and the Renaissance.

That's awesome you were featured! Super cute outfit. Such a cool print.