Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Deathly Hallows

Hat- Thrifted
Cardigan- Thrifted
Dress- Forever 21
Tights- H&M
Shoes- T.U.K.
Necklace- Forever 21
Satchel- Etsy

Hi guys, 
Like my new and totally amazing Harry Potter bag? It had been on my Etsy wish list for a while and I finally caved and bought it. Seriously, one of the best decisions of the year so far. Not only does it give off a lovely nerd vibe, but it also fits all my school books. Basically this means I get to wear it everywhere. Ah man, it is just so good! Plus I am currently rereading the first Harry Potter book and it keeps me in the mood. 

Just in case you are ever conflicted on what to wear when you need to hike up a small mountain covered in snow: creepers. I was pretty excited once I started my trek up that they weren't slipping and sliding all over the place. The creepers actually had a really decent grip. Only another reason to love my little punk grunge shoes. 

Recently I have been trying to get into wearing rings. Basically I find it pretty difficult to find a ring that I really love. When I do, they are typically way to expensive for me to even think about purchasing. This pretty one though I found at an antique store for a decent price, it was even on sale! And it doesn't turn my finger green, a complete success in my opinion. I have seen some really pretty rings on Etsy, hopefully I can start to get a good collection of them. 

How adorable is the print on this dress though? It has little birdies and autumn colored florals. Thank you Forever 21 for having something that matches so perfectly with my personal taste. 

I wanted to thank everyone who joined the giveaway, the winner is posted on the widget in the last post! And how amazing is Ark? I love when companies are willing to give away stuff to my awesome readers. Hopefully there will be more give aways in the future! 

Have a lovely week everyone


Unknown said...

Super cool outfit and very nice pics :)
Just Awesome

Kathy Noto said...

Your bag made me want to reread the whole Harry Potter series!! You look so lovely.♡


Purple said...

Such an awesome bag, and I love the outfit <3

Also, what an incredibly beautiful background in these photos. I love them!

Frannie Pantz said...

Congrats on the bag! I recently found out firsthand the glory of lusting after something, saving up and getting it with my new camera bag. It's very satisfying. I am glad to know that creepers are as functional as they are cute. I am horrible about rings. I only usually wear my wedding ring and one my grandmother gave me when I was 13. I am still loving your blue hair!

Karoline Teodoro said...

OMG! I loved your hair! So beautiful.
I'm following your blog.

Vera said...

The whole outfit is adorable, I think I,m in love with the print on your dress <3

I have a complicated relationship with rings too. It is so difficult to find something interesting... And I,m not really patient enough to wear them :)

Paulie Antiques said...

I love that you put songs in your posts. I used to do that all the time... You've inspired me to start again :)

love, polly

Unknown said...

Harry Potter bag!! Oh man I think I need to get that bag for my sister for her birthday. She would love it. I really enjoy the pretty print on your dress too. This whole outfit is great and I can't say enough how much I love your blue hair. It's so cool!

Kimmy said...

Your hair color is so pretty. I wish I could dye my hair an unnatural color and have it look decent. Also, I wouldn't think that creepers would be able to battle snow. Pretty cool. :)