Friday, January 10, 2014

New Grunge

{Cardigan: Gift! -- Dress: Forever 21 -- Tights: H&M -- Boots: Dr. Martens -- Ring: Vintage -- Belt: Modcloth}

I am officially addicted to Dr. Marten shoes. I was browsing around Nordstrom's Rack the other evening with my lovely Mom when I noticed they had a few pairs of Docs at half price. I ended up picking up two pairs {this being one of them!}. I've been wanting black ones for a while since they are so versatile and these ones are just perfect. Especially with the awesome eyelet detail they have on the top three lacings. Oh did I mention I now have five pairs of Docs. Believe it or not, I still want more! They are so comfy and amazing, I feel like I would be lost without all my bad ass boots. Hopefully this means my collection will continue to grow! 

Today is my last day back home in California. However, I do not think I am quite ready to head back to the East Coast yet. I am excited to get back to work and school and to see all my friends I have made over the past three years, but at the same time, I am going to miss my parents. I literally could not ask for two better to people to have raised me. My mom is my best friend and my dad always knows how to cheer me up {he spoils me like crazy!}. 

It is strange to me to feel this sad because when I think back on my last year of High School I was practically dying to get away. I wanted to move far away, but I never really thought about how hard that would be sometimes. Sure Skype and talking on the phone helps with most home sickness symptoms that I have, but there is just something missing when I am away. I believe it is a feeling of comfort and safety, but I am not entirely sure if that is all it is. I wonder sometimes where I will be after I finish school, but all I hope for right now is that I will not be too far from my family.

With all this said I shall go out and enjoy my last day here, especially that warm weather!  

Have a great weekend everyone,


Unknown said...

Aw I like being close by my parents too. I'd always get kind of sad when I had to leave home and go back to school. My family gets along really well and we have a lot of fun together. I'm not that far away when I'm at school though. Maybe you'll get to live near your parents again when you're done with school!

But anyway, those Docs. I want a pair! That's awesome that you have 5 pairs already. They look so great on you. I really like how you styled this cute floral dress with the black tights and cardigan. It's like an awesome girly grunge look.

Sam said...

Oh wow, your hair! It's been a while since I've visited your blog, so I hadn't seen it yet. It's so cool! I like the blonde and short combo on you :)It suits you. Plus I love that your eyebrows are dark, gives a nice contrast. I also like your look, so cute.


Krissy ~ style san san said...

Half price doc martens I hear!
I wouldn't resist either, I love your pair!
Krissy xoxo

OrigamiGirl said...

I really like those docs. Maybe it's just the photos but they look a little softer leather. I have only one pair of purple docs but have had them for 10 years. Longest item ownership ever - but they can still rub at my ankles! I love your gruney style in these photos.