Friday, January 24, 2014

Aerie #Real

Last week Aerie, sister company of American Eagle, released a new ad campaign featuring models of different sizes that are NOT photoshopped. Anything about the model, from moles to wrinkles has stayed in tact. Even their tattoos! 

(all photo's belong to Aerie)

As you can see from the pictures these girls actually look, well, real. I am so overjoyed with this whole ad campaign that I knew I had to share it with you guys. As consumers, we are all constantly bombarded by this "ideal" person. For men it is a tall muscular manly-man and for women it is a stick thin figure with flowing locks and perfect skin. However, all of us know that this perfect person is fictional. Sure there are some people out there that would disagree with me, but none of us are the same. There are so many body types out in the world, yet only a very limited few make it in advertisements that are thrown at our faces on a constant basis. 

All this ad bombardment has really messed with our minds. I remember in high school, after someone had called me fat (wore a size 9 jeans at the time) all I wanted to do was stop eating and work out a lot. Fortunately I found out a day later that not eating was definitely not going to be an option, I really do love food, haha. Still, every time I worked out I pictured these girls in my head, with perfect bodies like the models from Hollister, in their tiny bikini's. While this motivated me to work out, in the end it left me rather frustrated and slightly depressed. I couldn't look like those girls. My hips were too wide. My knees too close together. I could have listed off a million problems I had with myself. 

After some much needed rethinking I came to the conclusion that I only have one body and that I better make the best of it. In the end it was really my family and friends who made me realize this. However, I wonder what it must be like for people who aren't lucky enough to have a supportive structure around them filled with people who really care about them. This is why we need more companies to do things like this! I love it. Or if anyone wants to talk to me, just shoot me an e-mail I would love to help in any way possible. 

Hopefully this post was a good reminder to always love your body. We should all be celebrating the bodies we have not hating them. 

Carry that love with you throughout the weekend and have a great one! 


Unknown said...

I just love this. These girls are gorgeous and I love that other body types are being represented. Even stomachs that don't have abs photoshopped onto them make me happy. And that these girls don't have photoshopped 23 inch waists. Awesome! Really makes me respect Aerie and whoever came up with this ad campaign.

Sampada said...

I've always loved Aerie as a brand, but I love it more now! Body positivity is so important for girls, and doing this within a company that's all about what you wear on the inside is so great. Lovely post!


Sam said...

I also saw this campaign and loved it right away! I'm glad there are getting more and more campaigns like these. I also know what you mean with comparing yourself with those 'non-real' girls. It's so depressing. It made me actually hate my legs. At one point even I ate a lot less and when I thought I ate too much, I threw up. Good thing that's all in the past! Now I'm going to start out tomorrow with a personal trainer to get a fitter body in a healthy way :)