Friday, February 8, 2013


{Shoes: Bass -- Socks: Urban Outfitters -- Skirt H&M -- Sweater: Forever 21 -- Blouse: Modcloth -- Jacket: Urban Outfitters -- Beret: H&M}

I decided to name todays post Uniform because I felt like a bad ass school girl in this outfit. It felt really girly and fun, but also had a secret edge underneath the surface. Now growing up I never had to go to a school that required uniforms so I've always been kind of intrigued. On one hand you don't have to try on ten outfits and waste an extra hour getting ready in the morning. On the other though, well, you don't get to try on those ten outfits because you have to wear (typically) some drab plaid skirt and a polo shirt. After my initial thought that it might be fun to have worn a school uniform I decided that I would have probably been miserable. Especially since my outfits are a way for me to express myself to every person I see on that given day!

I haven't always been so fashion crazy, especially in the early years of high school, but I can't imagine my life without the excitement of waking up and knowing I get to put together a killer outfit today. Which reminds me.... It's New York Fashion Week! Ahhh! Are any of you there right now? I would love to do it one year, and hopefully I will have to attend because of my lovely fashionful job, that is after I finish college. 

Have you seen any collections thus far that you love? Let me know, I'll check them out! 

P.S. Like the new layout? :) 


Sampada said...

Love the new layout! And it's always fun to wear something badass :)

And ah one day I'll be at NYFW day...


Sabrina said...

Ahh, this outfit is so gorgeous! Love the tights.


Carly said...

Really like this! Very pretty. xxx

friedenlinde said...

it really is a badass school uniform! Loving the shoes expecially, so pretty.

Hannah Wilkinson said...

Love this outfit! It's girly and sweet but that skirt makes it really sexy!

Gaby Doris said...


jackysvision said...

Great outfit!
And I love the skirt<3

xx Jacky

Unknown said...

Very chic outfit! I love the color palette!


Ester Durães said...

aww I absolutely love your shoes!!

Drawing Dreaming

Hola Bambi said...

Sooo beautiful , love your tights and coat xx