Saturday, February 16, 2013

Un Chat

{Shoes: T.U.K -- Dress: Modcloth -- Sweartshirt: c/o Skip N' Whistle -- Jacket: Modcloth -- Hat: Christmas Gift}

Hi lovelies! Today is sort of a special post, which I was really excited to get up. I was contacted by this amazing Etsy shop called Skip N' Whistle who wanted me to do a product review for them. They actually sent me two lovely pieces, this being the first. The reason why I was so pumped for this review is because I think it is really important, as a blogger, that we also help small business. It's funny because I had actually ran across their store during one of my endless hours of looking through Etsy and saw this exact sweatshirt. It was pretty much love at first site. Honestly, how amazing it though guys? I wore it out to the doctors the other day and five different people commented on it and one lady said it even looked just liked her cat and wanted to know where she could get one! 

You probably don't know this, but I have a slight obsession with hoodless sweatshirts... if I'm not dressed up for school or work they are pretty much the only thing I wear. Actually, wearing my Sea World one right now (thrifted that beauty!) I could probably keep listing reasons why I love this sweatshirt, but let's get down to business. 

Here are the reasons why I would make another purchase from Skip N' Whistle:
  • Amazing prints!
  • Cozy material
  • Fast shipping
  • Amazingly nice and fun attitudes
  • Supporting a small business
  • Helping my cat clothing obsession grow
Over all I had a really good experience with this company thus far and 100% recommend their clothing (and some of their messenger bags looked awesome too.. )

Check out their designs, let me know what you think, and tell me what's your favorite print that they have! 

On another note, how was everyone's Valentine's day? Zach and I went and saw that zombie movie, Warm Bodies, it was pretty cute. :) Probably wouldn't go see it again though, and we went to dinner where we ate a million truffle fries. So yummy! Then, obviously, we came home and watched Vampire Diaries! 


Sylvie said...

awww, that jumper is sooo cute! i love your entire outfit! xxx

Jana K said...

That jumper is adorable. And can please have your hair?

Unknown said...

I love your cat sweatshirt! That shop is fantastic. My sister would love so many of the sweatshirts too since she's kind of obsessed with quirky sweaters. I'm loving the one with the cat indians and the boston terrier with glasses... and the dinosaur on a motorcycle. Basically all of them.

Simona said...

Great look Kaylee! :)

Unknown said...

I love everything about this outfit, you look so cool! Great jumper and skirt and jacket and... all! :)

Aliya said...

Ahh! I want that sweatshirt (or jumper, rather) sooo much!! Looks adorable on you!

x Aliya
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Ellen Grace said...

Love the jumper, it's so cool!

A little bit Unique


Ester Durães said...

aww love your sweater, so cute!!

Drawing Dreaming

Anonymous said...

Cutest outfit!!


Vera said...

I love this cat trend and this sweatshirt looks really great! Also I adore the background in your photos :)

Katie said...

Great outfit, those shoes are fantastic- Definitely going to check out their website soon!


♥vendy♥ said...

love your top dear BTW what do you think to follow each other? I'll wait for you on my blog
happy day

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