Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Where the Wild Roses Grow

{Boots: Vintage -- Tights: Gift -- Dress: Topshop -- Cardigan: H&M -- Hair Bow: Forever 21}

I'm back in Maryland (if you couldn't already tell by the background). It feels good to be reunited with the boyfriend and my lovely closet, but I am already feeling homesick. On top of that I am having a tad bit of post-season blues. To avoid all these sad thoughts I've been keeping myself rather busy! Cleaning, cooking, working out, learning how to sew properly (got a sewing machine for christmas!), and reading. I have such a large pile of books that I really want to read. It's so exciting. 

In today's post I am featuring two christmas gifts that I received from my sister when she visited London last month. This extremely beautiful floral dress from Topshop, she knows my style so well! And these even more dreamier tights that are meant to look like thigh high stockings. I've been wanting a pair like this forever and am so happy with them. 

I'm so glad you all had a lovely holiday season, so jealous of some of your presents! 


Frannie Pantz said...

I LOVE your stockings! Glad you are enjoying your post holiday days! Enjoy your sewing machine!

. said...

Oh my god, my brother doesn't get me stuff this good for Christmas (oh wait... he doesn't get me anything).
Gorgeous outfit! :)

The Lovelorn

Unknown said...

after coming back to the holidays i have a bit of the holiday blues to!!! i love your boots and those tights are amazing

Lauren said...

Oh wow I loooove that dress <3 gorgeous!

Emma said...

gorgeous outfit, really suits you with the hair :) xox

Hanz, Fashionista Era Design said...

lovely look sweetie, love the outfit!! I have a Chicnova Jewelry giveaway for 3 lucky winners starting 9 Jan..wld love it if you drop by!

Catarina said...

Aww thank you so much for your lovely comment! You look amazing as always, I love your cute dress! <3 xx


Hannah Wilkinson said...

Stunning outfit, and the photographs are gorgeous! I also love your hair!

nest + venture said...

ooh, those tights are amazing. love the peek of skin at the top, so subtle and sexy!

Unknown said...

Wow I love the combo of the dress and tights and boots! So beautiful! <3

Gaby Doris said...

So cute! love the dress!

Anonymous said...

This is so lovely and cute.
Hope it goes well with your sewing! I have a sewing machine, but I only use it once in a while, it may look easy to sew but it's not :)
Have fun in Maryland!
Kisses from Europe,

Unknown said...

woow I love this outfit, it's amazing!!
Emma xx