Wednesday, January 30, 2013


{Oxfords: Modcloth -- Tights: Gift -- Dress: Modcloth -- Cardigan: Urban Outfitters -- Belt: Forever 21 -- Beret: H&M}

Okay, so first off, this sweater. I am pretty sure when the buyer for Urban Outfitters was out there doing her (his) thing, he thought this sweater would be perfect for Kaylee! And he (she) must have said I'll buy it for her! Because, seriously, it is so me and I love it so much. Let me explain my reasoning. One, leopard print. Two, Spikes! Three, Cardigan. Four, long length. And five, black. I could probably keep listing reasons why I am head over heels for this cardi, but because I love you guys, I'll stop at five! Oh, and to make it even more absolutely amazing, my boyfriend bought it for me! Such a rare occasion really, he normally doesn't support my always growing closet. 

I'm sorry I didn't update last week -- seriously it has been so cold outside. Every time I thought about taking outfit shots I quickly chickened out and curled up with a book and a cup of tea instead. I wish I was more hard core, like most of you lovely ladies out in the snow, but I'm a California girl at heart. In other words, anything below 60 degrees is cold. All this nasty weather and my lovely cheetah print cardigan had me thinking about how important it would have been to have a real animal coat to keep you warm back in the day before heaters. I personally do not support the purchasing of or wearing of real fur jackets or capes, but I probably would have had one if I lived 100 years ago. I can't even imagine how terrible life would be without warmth all winter long. 

So here I was daydreaming about all the pretty vintage outfits I would have worn, when another thought hit. A lot of people still don't have heat for their homes. Or jackets for their backs, let alone warm fur ones. It is such a sad thought that I think most of us try and ignore it. Along with the fact that most of these freezing people probably are starving at the same time. I hope one day that I'll be able to travel to a third world country and help these people, that would truly be amazing. However, until then, I'll be buying TOM's shoes and playing on I know it's not enough, but for now it's all I can do. Oh, and if you have never been to the free rice website, do so immediately. All you have to do is answer fun trivia questions (you pick the category) and for every correct answer they donate 10 grains of rice to a person in need. It's totally fun, trust me! 

If we forget about the awful truths in the world then nothing will ever change. Do you guys do anything to help out the less fortunate? Let me know, maybe it's something I can do too :) 

Friday, January 18, 2013

Thrift Shop

{Shoes: Bass -- Tights: H&M -- Dress: Thrifted -- Cardigan: Urban Outfitters -- Hat: Thrifted}

I would like to dedicate today's post to the infamous thrift stores, or charity shops, or op shops, depending where you live. No matter the name they are a true fashionista's best friend. Let me tell you why I personally love thrift stores:
  • CHEAP clothing
  • Vintage clothes!
  • The hunt for treasure
  • Knowing your helping a good cause with your purchase
  • The bragging rights of finding really good brands for 5% of the original cost
  • Being able to donate my old clothes!
  • A fun place to go with friends and try on weird articles of clothing
  • Looking through all the strange knick knacks 
  • Finding decorations for my home
  • Did I mention cheap clothing? 
As most of you know I'm currently attending college away from home. I don't have a job because I like to visit that said home whenever I get the chance (also because of my copious amounts of homework). Therefore, sadly, I'm rather broke. You probably also know that I love fashion! Which includes a lot of shopping and a lot of changing styles. If I buy a cute blouse at the thrift store for two dollars I don't feel so bad when I want to get rid of it next season... which happens a lot. 

I decided I would wear one my favorite thrifting finds in this outfit post, which is this adorable black and white scalloped vintage dress. It's quirky, girly, and vintage all in one. A perfect find in my eyes. How much do you think this one cost? Only 6 USD! Now if I had found this dress at a vintage store the price tag would have been a whole other story... 

So, have I convinced you that thrifting is totally and completely awesome? 

If so, here are some tips to keep in mind when you are heading for your next trip to the local Goodwill or Salvation Army: 
  • Have a list of colors you really want. Lately mine have been burgundy, metallic, dark blue, and purple!
  • Write down a list to take with you of the type of clothing articles you are looking for. 
    • Example: long cardigan, leather jacket, floral dress, oxford shoes, green purse
    • Without a list a thrift store might feel a little intimidating since there is so much merchandise
  • Look in all the sections! And I mean kids and men sections included.
  • Keep an open mind-- you never know what'll find
  • Try everything on! I don't care if there isn't a dressing room, pull on that dress over your current outfit. We are here to save money not waste it on something that doesn't fit properly.
  • Although try and remember if something is too big in the waist or too long that is an easy alter at the tailors. 
  • Thrift stores are a great place to find basics. Such as white and black button down shirts or a pair of dark wash jeans
I hope these tips help on your next thrifting trip! 

Have a great weekend girls (and guys)! 

Sunday, January 13, 2013

To Infinity and Beyond!

{Boots: Dr. Martens -- Skirt: Thrifted -- Shirt: Thrifted -- Cardigan Thrifted -- Hat: Vintage}

Look at the pretty galaxy things I found! Ever since I saw the first episode of Star Wars, years ago, I've been slightly obsessed with dreams of far away galaxies. There are so many other stars and planets out there, we can't be the only ones, right? I would have loved to study astronomy, alas I am pretty terrible at math. So now I just contend myself with wearing galaxy prints. Oh and while still on the topic, are you guys excited for Star Wars Episode 7?? I know it will not come out till 2015, but honestly so pumped for it. I might have already picked out an outfit to wear to the premier... :)

School starts tomorrow-- I'm so bummed. It might be the first time since I started school that I am not excited to go back. I still feel so burnt out from the last semester. Hopefully I can stay with it and finish strong.

Have a good week guys!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Where the Wild Roses Grow

{Boots: Vintage -- Tights: Gift -- Dress: Topshop -- Cardigan: H&M -- Hair Bow: Forever 21}

I'm back in Maryland (if you couldn't already tell by the background). It feels good to be reunited with the boyfriend and my lovely closet, but I am already feeling homesick. On top of that I am having a tad bit of post-season blues. To avoid all these sad thoughts I've been keeping myself rather busy! Cleaning, cooking, working out, learning how to sew properly (got a sewing machine for christmas!), and reading. I have such a large pile of books that I really want to read. It's so exciting. 

In today's post I am featuring two christmas gifts that I received from my sister when she visited London last month. This extremely beautiful floral dress from Topshop, she knows my style so well! And these even more dreamier tights that are meant to look like thigh high stockings. I've been wanting a pair like this forever and am so happy with them. 

I'm so glad you all had a lovely holiday season, so jealous of some of your presents! 

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Curiosity Killed the Cat

{Boots: Vintage -- Tights: H&M -- Dress: c/o Sway Chic -- Necklace: Modcloth -- Cardigan: Thrifted-- Hair Bow: Forever 21}

Say hello to my first ever body con dress! Go me! Right? I am often quite figure conscious and don't feel too comfortable in really tight dresses, but I actually love wearing this one! Not only is it an amazing black cheetah print, but it is also velvet. Purrrr.  I'm completely swooning over it and I can't wait to style it up in different ways. I think it is important to try pieces of clothing that you wouldn't normally go for. Even though I am slightly terrified of tight clothing it felt fun and spontaneous to wear this number. I matched the dress with my newly acquired vintage cowboy boots. I got these lovely babies for Christmas and they are so pretty! Probably my favorite pair of boots right now. Oh, and did I mention I dyed the ends of my hair purple?? It's so fun, I love it. 

I hope you all had a lovely holiday season. I got to spend Christmas with my family and New Years with my friends. Couldn't really ask for anything more than that! I head back home, to the East Coast, on saturday but I'm not ready to leave California yet. Ugh, slightly depressed about it. But, life goes on, right? 

I can't wait to show you what else I got for the holiday, especially a really pretty pair of Dr. Martens! Oh and if you are interested in trying out a body con dress, Sway Chic has many more beauties besides this one! (although this one is definitely my favorite!) 

So, what did you get for the holidays??