Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Frizz Ball

{Boots: Vintage -- Dress: Modcloth -- Cardigan: Forever 21 -- Necklace: Urban Outfitters}

Look everyone, I'm on a roll! Two posts in one week :) 

I couldn't resist the temptation to take pictures in the dress, which I bought from the recent Modcloth sale for $15 (originally $60!) There is something about buying items on sale, it makes that piece feel so much better. There is a bit of pride I believe in finding amazing clothing at thrift stores or during massive sales. You can't help but think how someone definitely paid full price, but I got it way cheaper!  It's a double edged sword though, I often find things I would kill for, but since they aren't on sale I don't buy them and then they sell out! It's so heartbreaking, but not as heartbreaking as paying full price!

You have to be thrifty when you are in college! 

Speaking of which, I have been doing homework all day and still have more to do. At least it's interesting I guess v.v 

Hope your day was filled with loveliness! 


Anonymous said...

I love the outfit. Socks and boots are a combination I love. And your hair is gorgeous.

xox Emily

Anni said...

you're right!
Sale is the best!
Wonderful dress Kaylee!

Vera said...

Welcome back, Kaylee! I missed your posts a lot :)
You look absolutely stunning and I just love your new hair!

Alice, Pretty Confused said...

The back of that dress is fantastic, so pretty! I'm a total sucker for sale items, I hate buying things at full price, but I'm equally bad at buying things just because they are on sale. At least I am good at returning stuff if necessary xo

Sabrina said...

I always love the way flared dresses fit, but what really makes this dress is definitely that amazing back!


xix said...

Oh, what a great find by you!! Items on sale are kind of the best, no? :)
Beautiful fall palette on you - I really like your shoes!

♥ xixia |

OrigamiGirl said...

I have to admit that as soon as I saw 'modcloth' I was like 'Aw. I wish I could afford to buy modcloth dresses' *sad face* but when I saw you got it in the sale I thought 'kudos, nicely done'. I get all freaked out when I see people who have a new modcloth dress every week (hoooow?! waaah) but that was an awesome find. Plus you look amazing. Your outfit matches the nature behind you perfectly. :)

Ester DurĂ£es said...

your dress is so pretty! :) oh and I love how you're wearing socks with those boots!

Drawing Dreaming

Anonymous said...

Such a great dress, it looks amazing on you. I love finding things on sale as well. It's an amazing feeling!

-Charlie xx

Unknown said...

I love sale dresses from modcloth! I got four for around $15 each. Such great deals I usually can't warrant buying things full price there. I really like this outfit you're wearing! The colors are perfect for fall and I love those boots.

Serena said...

Oh, I love this outfit! The back of that dress = killer awesome.