Saturday, March 24, 2012

Busy Bee

{Boots: DSW -- Dress: H&M -- Cardigan: Gift -- Satchel: Cambridge Satchel Company}

Hello darlings! 
So sorry for my absences lately. School has been totally kicking my butt. There is good news though, it's almost Spring Break! Wahoo. I am extremely excited. I'll be heading home this year, I can't wait to see my family and friends, it's been too long. That's the one hard part about moving away from all you know, it's quite lonely at first. Somehow I adjusted finally, I've learned to be alone without feeling deserted and isolated. But, that doesn't mean I don't miss everyone, can't wait to see you guys! 

Oddly enough we have been having higher temperatures here on the east coast then back home in southern California. How silly is that? The warmth has been nice though, plenty of porch sitting and reading/tanning in the yard. Am I the only one who wishes you could tan without getting tan? Just go and lie out, soak in all the warmth, and then come back inside as white as before! How lovely that would be... 

I would like to give a quick shout out to my sister, Kindra, HAPPY BIRTHDAY

Have a great weekend gals and pals, 

P.S. Anyone see the Hunger Games yet,  I heard it was fantastic! 

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Ruby Darling

{Oxfords: Target -- Tights: H&M -- Dress: Forever 21-- Cardigan: Thrifted -- Beret: H&M}

{Photos by Zach}

Happy Saint Patrick's Day everyone! 

I know I am not wearing green, but I'm next to green trees and green grass, that counts right? I'm only joking, I did indeed wear green today {painted green nails and all!} but this outfit is from last week. Besides the day that I took these pictures on it has been extremely warm and sunny. In mid march! It's madness haha. The cherry blossom tree in my front yard is even in full bloom right now. I sat on the porch for two hours earlier, just soaking in some sun and reading my latest book. It felt so nice to relax today, I've been crazy busy with school and trying to fit in time for running. 

Speaking of running, I think I'm going be to signing up for a 10k with my Taylor and my boyfriend's mom. I'm a little nervous since I have never ran six miles before, but it will be good to have a goal and it will keep me motivated. The weird thing about running is during it really doesn't feel good at all, but after it's so amazing. Really one of the best feelings in the world. 

Well I'm off to go eat some more green cake, the family has been baking green goodies all day! Hope you had a fun day and please be safe tonight!

Monday, March 12, 2012


{Loafers: Modcloth -- Jeans: Levi's -- Blouse: T.J. Maxx -- Necklace: Vintage -- Cardigan: Forever 21}

Hello everyone! What a wonderful time I have been having lately. I went on a spur of the moment trip to North Carolina in support of Zach's little sister, Taylor, who I not only consider as a possible sister in the future but also a true friend. She's headed off to University there next weekend and asked me along to her orientation. It was a really fun girls trip with many stops at Starbucks. So excited for her, although I'll be awfully lonely without her next year.

 I got this blouse there, isn't it adorable? It reminds me of Paris, and oh how I would love to be in Paris in at the moment. When I woke up this morning I imagined I was actually in the city of romance and about to hop on my vintage bike to the market, rather than just drive my car to school. We can all dream right?

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Double Dots

{Boots: DSW -- Tights: H&M -- Dress: Forever 21 -- Top: Urban Outfitters -- Cardigan: Thrifted}

I was feeling especially dotty today and decided to put on two dot patterns! Is that even considered pattern mixing? Not sure, but I love how it turned out. Felt very spring and happy, and guess what, the weather feels spring and happy too! Yesterday we had snow flurries all day, but today it was up to mid 50s and tomorrow and thursday possibly even 70's! 

As it turns out exercise alone is not enough to help my body loose some weight, I've actually gained a pound since running! Probably from all those cookies I eat after dinner time, that's when I am at my weakest. Anyone else seem to become more and more weak as the day carries on? It's just so hard to resist all the yummy treats in our pantry. As of right now though I'm doing well, eating unsalted nuts and greek yogurt! You may be thinking I don't really need to loose weight, but that's not really my goal to be honest. I want to be healthy. Food alters our feelings and we don't even notice it, I hate that. You know that feeling after pounding down a big mac? Yeah I don't want to feel that ever again. I just want to be happy. 

Life seems busy lately, but I'm content with that. The busier I am the faster time goes. The faster time goes the closer I get to spring break. The closer I get to spring break the sooner I will see my family, and I absolutely cannot wait for that! 

Hope you all have a good night!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

White Lies

{Shoes: Modcloth -- Dress: Modcloth -- Cardigan: Forever 21 -- Necklace: Modcloth -- Bag: c/o Oasap}

Here is the other outfit shoot I did with Serena last week, I actually like this one more than the last! The bridge where we took these, although scary since you could see down to the bottom and I'm a tad scared of heights, was so beautiful and majestic. Serena and I were hopping around this bridge, as if that would prevent us from falling. I'm sure we looked silly to the passing cars. 

This pair of brogues here is from my first ever purchase at Modcloth! If only I knew how much this pair of shoes would change not only my style, but my whole life! Which is of course, is completely surrounded by fashion now.

How adorable is this little satchel back pack from Oasap? I was so delighted when they contacted me, because I had been eyeing this pretty for a while. Not only is it an adorable back pack, but you can also use it as just a purse! (comes with a long strap) However I have wanted to a satchel/back pack forever, so not sure if I will even ever use it as a regular purse!

My adorable little Alice In Wonderland necklace :)

{all photos taken by Serena Severtson}

I feel terribly bad for not posting as much as I should be, I promise I'll try and do better. I've been a tad stressed with school and home life, but it will all resolve soon I'm sure. In the mean time though I have been burying myself in books (currently reading Duchess, an novel about Sarah Churchill, it's lovely!) and have been trying to run everyday. I even ran in the rain yesterday! It feels so good to run lately, I can hardly believe I am saying this, but really I envy joggers when I see them on the way to school. I wish I could be out there too getting some good exercise! 

Enough of my madness though, how's everyone else's weekend going? Oh did I mention, I am going to see Celtic Women tomorrow! Stoked!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Here Comes The Sun

{Boots: Vintage -- Tights: H&M -- Dress: H&M -- Cardigan:Forever 21 -- Necklace: Hand Made -- Bag: Ona}

{all photos by Serena Severtson}

So excited to share these photos with ya'll today! Not sure if you remember, but I had a photo shoot with Serena back in autumn {HereHere, and Here}. She a super friendly, stylish, and fun photographer and I'm happy to say she's a friend now too. Technically one of my first friends since moving to Maryland, which excludes anyone I have met through Zach. We had a super fun day taking pictures and we even went out to lunch at Panera, one of my absolute favorites! I hope we can do more shoots in the future, I really had a blast with this one. 

There are two pieces I want to mention from this outfit. One being the really adorable camera print/ wooden necklace. My sister bought me this for christmas and I really couldn't be happier with it. Oh did I mention it's hand made? A super bonus! Secondly I don't believe I have shown you my magnificent camera bag, which was also a christmas gift, from Ona. It has wonderful padded compartments for my camera and extra lenses, plus it has a little padded sleeve for my mac book! It makes traveling so much easier! Plus it's a satchel and completely adorable. 

Thanks for the pictures Serena! 
Oh, if you want to check out her own style she also posts on lookbook, Here.