Friday, December 21, 2012


{Oxfords: Target -- Skirt & Hair Bows: Forever 21 -- Cardigan & Top: Urban Outfitters}

Hey Everyone!
I am so tired it feels as if I barely have enough energy to write out this post! I've made it safe and sound back home and have pretty much just slept a lot. I've met up with some of my old friends and have been having a lot of fun. It's amazing how much you miss home, even if you don't notice till you're there. I found I had even been missing the clean smell of my moms car. Yikes haha. And I missed the smell of the house and the way the light shines through my old bedroom before dusk. It's the little things that have really been getting to me. To avoid further sentimental attacks I've made sure all my days are busy and I even finished another book this morning. Now I'm on to the fourth Game of Thrones book, A Feast For Crows by George R.R. Martin, and I can already tell it's going to be amazing.

There is a lot I could say, but I cannot summon the enthusiasm to talk about it all, perhaps next post. I think I'll go take a nap now. Happy Holidays ladies! (and gentlemen!)

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

School Girl

{Shoes: T.U.K. -- Dress: New Look -- Sweater: H&M -- Backpack: Urban Outfitters -- Bow: Handmade}

Over the past weekend Urban Outfitters had an extra 50% off sale items and I was filled with absolute glee when I saw this backpack was only $10.00! It's so cute and yet it's still roomy enough for all my books and my water bottle and such. I know this semester is almost over, but I'm looking forward to getting some use out of it in the Spring. 

I only have two more finals guys! Eeek so excited to be done. I am going home for Christmas (which I haven't for the past two years) and I'm so excited to be with my family for the holidays. And of course I'll be taking lots of pictures and such since my mom is the only person on earth who actually enjoys helping me take outfit pictures. Thanks mom, I love you! We are going to go cut down I tree when I get there this saturday and then decorate while listening to Christmas music and drinking hot coca. I love holiday traditions! 

On top of all this Modcloth is having a sale for all their winter gear, 25% off! So if you are in need of a new winter coat this probably a great place to start! 

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Forest Shadow

{Boots: Dr. Martens -- Dress: Forever 21 -- Shirt: Thrifted -- Hat: Vintage -- Necklace: Vintage}

I know, this it a total blogger faux pas, wearing the same dress for two posts in a row. Honestly though, I love this dress. It fits so nicely on my body, it's fun to twirl in, and it goes with everything! Plus the stud collar is pretty lovely. I decided to pair it with my floral Docs today, man I wish these babies matched more things! They are so pretty and I always get a lot of pretty comments on them. I am finally getting some use of my beautiful vintage pink rosary which is equally exciting. Not sure why, but lately black is my go to color. I don't mind or anything, but most of my closet is so colorful, it's hard when my fashion sense changes so abruptly. That's why there are thrift stores though, right? I mean it's the only cheap way to get all new clothes to fit my all new tastes! 

So lately I've been sucked into a book series called The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare. I started the first book (a little over 400 pages) last week and now I'm about to finish the third haha. Seriously my Kindle is so excited about all this usage. If you guys haven't read any of these books you definitely need to check it out! The first book in the series is called the City Of Bones, which is going to be a movie this up and coming August. You can check out the trailer online, ugh, it looks so good! Also have you guys seen the trailer for The Host?? SO excited for that one too. Man that was a good book, read that one if you haven't! 

Finals are next week, so if I'm still alive after that I'll be posting lost of pictures! 

Saturday, December 1, 2012


{Shoes: Bass -- Tights: Target -- Dress: Forever 21 -- Cardigan: Urban Outfitters -- Necklace: Vintage -- Cap: Urban Outfitters}

Like my new hair? :)

Okay fine, so I didn't actually dye my hair. I thought I would try a wig and see how I liked the color. I posted a picture on Facebook wearing it and everyone loved it, which means now I have to dye it this color haha. I'm scared of how much work it can be though-- the bleaching, dying, cold showers, touch ups, ugh! I might be too lazy to have pretty colorful hair. I love how I felt wearing it though, unique  and exciting. I finally understand why my sister has always loved to have crazy colored hair, it's invigorating and freeing. 

So this wig came at a lovely time because I needed a serious distraction from how much school work I have to do. Only two more weeks, I can do this! Right? All I want is for school to end and to go home and be with my family for the holidays. Soon enough though! 

Hope you all had a good week :)

Saturday, November 24, 2012

DIY Galaxy Sweatshirt with Cross

Like I said, I have another DIY for you all. I've been wanting to try something like this for a while, which is why I am so excited with how it turned out. Plus it was extremely simple! Which is always a good thing, let's just say I didn't get my art talents from my artist mom. Any who, hope you try this out too, it's quite fun!

What you will need:

  • Black Sweatshirt (t-shirt, tank top, dress, etc.)
  • Sponge
  • Duct Tape
  • Bleach
  • Squirt bottle
  • Permanent white acrylic paint
  • Fabric paint in pink, blue, silver, gold (could add red, green, any other galaxy color you deem appropriate)
Step one: Sweatshirt

I found this plain back sweatshirt at Target (in mens clothing) for 5 dollars. If you don't want to make your galaxy on a sweatshirt you can do it on any other article of clothing just as long as it is black.

Step two: Duct Tape

Take your duct take and make it in the shape of a cross, for mine I decided an inverted cross would look pretty lovely. The tape doesn't stick very well so just make sure the edges are pushed down before you begin spraying. 

Step three: Bleaching

This step should probably be done outside since bleach can be hazardous to your health in an enclosed space. Also bleach ruins clothes, so make sure you aren't wearing your favorite outfit just in case any spills! 

Take your spray bottle and mix in 70% water and 30% bleach. It's okay to just estimate this amount. 
Spray mixture over your sweatshirt, making sure to spray some spots more than others. 

It should start to look something like this about 2-3 minutes later. For variety, I took out the top of the spray bottle and dripped larger drops over the surface of the sweatshirt.

You can see how I added more bleach to a few spots and left others with just a light amount. 

Allow bleach to fully dry, about an hour, before beginning to paint. To speed up drying you can use a hair dryer over wet spots. 

Repeat on back side. 

Step four: Paint

Luckily at my craft store they had sparkly spray fabric paint, if you can find this stuff, it really adds a nice touch to your galaxy. However, using regular acrylic paints will work too! 

Take your sponge and cut it into four sections, one for each color, and begin to spray in and around the bleach. Once on the fabric use the sponge to help blend in color.

The picture above is about 15 minutes in. You can see how I am just spraying blue and pink around the edges of the larger bleach spots and the lighter colors towards the middle. Honestly, this is totally random so just have fun! Plus there is no way you can mess up! 

Wait for the paint dry and then do the same on the back.

Step five: White Paint

Once the color is to your satisfaction take the plain white paint and dabble around bleach spots, blending with sponge. I also added a few white dots, unblended, in random patterns. A few shooting stars were the final touch.

Once painting is done, carefully remove duct tape. 

Allow paint to dry for 72 hour before you throw it in the wash. 

Step six: Look awesome

Finally, head out with your brand new sweatshirt and make everyone jealous of your lovely sparkly galaxy print! Pair it with classic Dr. Martens and a pair of skinny jeans.

Let me know if you have any questions. If you decide to give it a go, send me the link to your finish product, I'd love to check it out! 

Have a great weekend 

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Turkey Day Sale!!

Happy Thanksgiving American readers!

What better way to start off the holiday than an awesome sale from ModCloth! In honor of the holiday, they are having 50% off select new styles! Wahoo, I seriously wait all year of Modcloth sales, pretty much the only time I can afford their items without creating giant holes in my pockets! Let me know what you guys get! 

Be safe tonight! 

Monday, November 19, 2012

Red Hot

{Creepers: T.U.K. -- Tights: H&M -- Dress: Modcloth -- Jacket: Modcloth -- Cardigan: H&M -- Hat: Vintage}

I'm so glad I finally wore some lipstick! It feels like ages since I have. It used to bother my lips, not really a makeup person, but I like this one from YSL, it even smells heavenly. Plus it doesn't make my lips all chalky like others tend to. I had three different people ask me where I got my shoes today, so happy people are starting to love creepers again. I still get a lot of stares at school though, but that could be because I'm tall. Who knows. Or because they want all my superb outfits? haha. :) 

I only have one more day till Thanksgiving break! Wahoo. You know what that means right? I'll have a lot of free time, and I think it would be lovely to do another DIY! I know a lot of you guys liked the previous ones I have done, since they got a lot of comments, and I feel bad that I don't do more. So, today I went to Michael's and picked up so lovely supplies, so get ready to make something ladies (and gentlemen!)

Until then, I bid you adieu! 

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Golden Days Turn Into Black Dreams

{Boots: DSW -- Dress: New Look -- Sweater: H&M -- Necklace: Etsy -- Hat: Vintage}

How awesome is that necklace? I got it for my birthday in the summer and am so pleased with it! The little feather is hand painted and it's a locket so you can hide a picture in there. I think I'll put one of my baby bull dog in!

It's cold again. After taking these pictures I ran inside and began to thaw my fingers, which was rather painful. Oh the things I do for my blog! Haha, I know that's not fair, this blog does a lot for me also. Such as helping me meet new awesome people that love fashion and helping me get all my thoughts out. Although, I still feel a bit anxious writing down everything I feel, but that's why I also have a journal! I know I'm not the most brilliant writer out there, but I'm working on it (thank you for bearing with me)! Oh and I am in the most dreadful writing class at school, my goodness I wish it was over. Never take a writing course online... terrible decision people!

So, I bought a little something off Ebay yesterday and I can't wait to show everyone! I just wish it was here right now!! You guys are going to love it :) 

Two more days to the weekend!