Thursday, December 22, 2011


Stromae -- House'llelujah

{Boots: Dr. Martens -- Tights: Target -- Skirt and Beret: H&M -- Vest: Thrifted -- Cameo: Vintage}

I've been having a bit of trouble putting outfits together that are picture worthy. It seems like my style is changing once again. Why can't my mind just make up its mind? For as long as I can remember it has always been about dressing to a certain category. Wether that was skater chick or hollister lover, I've always felt a strange need to pick one style and stick to it. You can't dress completely innocent and girly one day and then look like a punk the next. Or can you? No, it feels wrong, unnatural, fake even. Since starting Wild Flower I have been trying to blend all these styles together, which appears to keep getting more difficult! How am I suppose to stay to true to myself if I am not sure who I am or who I want to be in the future? 
I had a brilliant idea to reread all the Twilight books and spread it out so when the last movie came out I'll be nice an refreshed. Sadly I started the first book two weeks ago and am already half way through Eclipse... oops. Stephanie Meyer truly has a gift for wonderfully soppy romance books that are supernatural and fun to read! Have any of you read The Host? It's amazing as well... Anyways, back to the topic, I have been slightly obsessing over Pacific Northwest fashion over the past weeks. And as usual I am very inspired by London fashion as well. Mixing these two styles has proved to be... interesting. I like the challenge, but sometimes I pull on three different outfits in one day! Which is incredibly annoying. I've been wearing jeans lately because I walk in my cloest and become too frustrated to pull together a lovely ensemble. Hence no pictures... jeans and pictures are not my favorite thing to do. 
Hopefully all my new clothes for Christmas will fix all these worries, I'm getting a leather jacket! So excited. 
I'll probably update before Christmas but if I don't I hope you all have a merry one! 


nest + venture said...

It makes me happy that you are inspired by PNW fashion...makes me proud to be from here! :) I think its okay to mix different styles..I usually can't help but to! You don't have to limit yourself, just wear what makes YOU feel good & nothing else matters!


wow this outfit is stunning! the whole look is just gorgeous right down to your lipstick! and ofcourse as always your pictures are so pretty!



SomeoneLikeYou said...

Oh sweet Kaylee I know how frustrating it is to be in a clothing rut, but I know you will get out of it soon! If it's an consolation, I always find your outfits inspiring no matter what they are and how much you like them. I think you're incredible!

And another note; I just love you with this dark purple lipstick! So beautiful and unexpected! xx

bridget anne said...

fun matte lip color! looks swell on you, lady.

Unknown said...

I definitely think you can try out completely different looks from day to day, especially when you're young. I've never seen anything on your blog that didn't seem like something that fits your style. It's fun to take inspiration from many different sources.
I really like this outfit you're wearing. The hat and skirt are very cute and I'm loving the dark lip color on you.

Frannie Pantz said...

I am loving the floral Doc Martens!

Myprettymummy said...

Your outfit is lovely! You shouldn't worry about sticking to one style. I think it takes a lot of trial and error before you find your own personal style that you stick to, so it's always good to experiment.

Have a lovely Christmas and a happy new year! xx

Annie said...

Love this outfit....looks so cute & comfy. And that denim vest is amazing :)

The Other Side of Gray

Kelly said...

I always tend to mix different styles. Sometimes it seems weird to me, but for the most part I love it! Why limit yourself to only one type of clothing? I usually just put on whatever I feel like that day. I say wear whatever makes you happy :)

Wanderlust Fashion

The Blue Curtain said...

hi! i think as a blogger sometimes we put too much pressure on ourselves.. to look different everytime!
try this.. (this is what i do) when you are in front of your closet put something together for you and not for the blog.. you'll be surprised how cute your outfits come out when you are not thinking on how your blog should look or what you want to show! sometimes you dont need to wear something new... instead also you can combine things you already have differently and have fun! ;)

Zane said...

you look great, love the floral docs :)

Anonymous said...

dark lipstick for a change. I like it! Merry Christmas! xx

Midwest Muse said...

What a different and totally 90's look for you! The lipstick and hat make it a completely different style and I love it. You remind me of Angela in My So-Called Life.

I too struggle with combining all of my styles and looking at old posts and seeing my random outfits. It's something about the blog that makes it all different. Good luck in figuring it out.

I hope you had a lovely Christmas.

Amanda said...

Love the look! I can see your frustration when trying to stick with one style, but I think it is fun to dress with your emotions. If you feel punk, go with it. Ready for a comfy day? You can do that too. Just because you're pulling different styles together doesn't mean it's being fake, they are just the different parts of you! :]

BTW: I love The Host. It's my favorite book and I can't get enough! Happy reading to you.

The Kitten Paws Blog said...

Just found your blog through Chictopia. Absolutely love this outfit! Your boots are particularly fantastic! Keep up the good work lady! :)