Friday, November 4, 2011

Knitted Tight

Rosi Golan -- Been A Long Day

I had one of my lovely readers, Harriet, ask me how I got the youtube thing to not show the video and just play the song. I thought I would just answer on here in case any of you others were wondering. All I do is change the height to 25 from the emded link. And I change the width to match that of all my pictures, which is 435 for me. 

{Boots: DSW -- Socks: Alpacca farm! -- Dress, Jacket & Scarf: Thrifted -- Hat: Urban Outfitters}

I'm having one of those days. You know, the kind where every simple thing seems to go wrong. I even had to shoot this outfit twice because I hated the first pictures so much. I've also realized that I am bigger than what I envision in my mind. Kind of a shattering realization. I've been baking too much... haha. But should it really bother me? It's not like I am heavy. And I still weigh much less than before my weight loss crusade a couple years ago. Which was done healthy with lots of boiled chicken and exercise. None the less I would love to just squeeze into a bikini next summer and feel beautiful. Probably an unrealistic goal though. Or maybe not, maybe I just feel that way because it is one of those days. 

It's a friday night and I am sitting in my room. About to go read my book on World War I. Now don't get me wrong, it's a fantastic book, but how boring is that? I wish I had friends here on the East Coast to go and hang with on a friday evening. It's so hard to make new friends when you're shy. I'm working on getting over my constantly blushing thing though. I even bought liquid foundation. Which kind of scares me because  I hardly wear make up, it feels so strange and alien. 

Well enough about all my problems, let's get to the outfit. I really liked how this one came out. Blue and black is always a pleasure to mix for a strange reason. And the nice touch of gold in my scarf popped so well. I also wore my gold satchel today, but forgot to wear it while shooting. Over all this outfit was very comfy, cozy and warm. I'm quite glad I finally whipped out my favorite pair of knitted tights. They are so delightful! I'm not sure what I will do when they get hole... let's just hope that day never comes! Also can't get over these Diba boots, seriously best pair I own right now, can hardly take them off. 

Have a great weekend darlings!


Sylvie said...

i really love your style! xxx

Angela said...

Can you believe that I actually wrote you an e-mail asking the same thing about the youtube bar, but forgot to send it?! Thank you so much for the information, I have to try it now :)

Love your look, especially the tights, my favorite piece of winter clothing!


Amanda said...

Love the outfit! Don't worry about being shy. I use to be in the same situation, but it's amazing what just putting yourself out there can do. From what I can tell you have a lovely personality. Don't be afraid to show it!!!


M said...

Yes! I've been actually wondering about this neat trick for quite a while and woop woop, now I feel so enlightened! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

I love all of your looks. I seriously need to learn how to thrift like you! And you are NOT big, you are absolutely beautiful! I'm with you with the whole putting on a few pounds thing though. I really need to start working out. I've been eating a lot better but the weight's not coming off as fast as I'd like it too. I WILL look good in a bikini next summer!


Hannah said...

I love this outfit! It looks so great for the fall season.
I understand with the, "everything is going wrong" days. I get them also. I can't believe you would be shy; I guess I never thought you would be. Hopefully you'll overcome that. I know I'm a little shy, but lately I've been able to step out of my shell. :)
You look lovely as always.

This Charming Style said...

Thank you for the information, I might have to copy you :P

Oh Kaylee, Kaylee. How I would KILL to have your figure! You are so beautiful! If I had your figure, I would parade around in a bikini all summer AND all winter!

Also, I know how you feel. I don't really get on with many people in my town, so it's hard to find people to hang out with (that aren't busy with their boyfriends)! And I'm not a foundation girl either, and I also blush really easily! Haha.

I love this look, the grungey jacket, boots and hat looks fab with the cute dress! And I always love your bright pops, this scarf is no exception!


Bridget said...

I know exactly how you feel. I gained some weight this summer and I still haven't lost it. It's gradually going away, but it's still irritating.

Love your outfit!


Zane said...

beautiful look

Emma said...

these photos look so nice, did you take them yourself? second time around they turned out lovely. and the outfit is lovely too, love how cosy you look

Chelsea Jade said...

You look great, I love the colour combination :)
You should check out ebay, there are some pretty good finds on there. I think I'm pretty much addicted though haha

Chelsea x

Unknown said...

oh i almost asked you how to do that with the youtube videos!! i love your scarf and i have been searching for a denim shirt like that for ages. You look absolutely great so dont worry about weight thing, but i know what you mean i lost alot of weight in the summer and i have gained part of that back which made me go into a bit of a panic. Hopefully i will lose that soonish but it is annoying, i hope you had a good day :)!!

Unknown said...

I think you look great! Don't worry too much about your weight. Everyone judges themselves more harshly than reality warrants.

I really like how you styled that denim jacket with the bright yellow scarf! It's very cute.

Lyndsey said...

You look so stunning! I love the yellow scarf and blue coat, ah you look amazing.
Don't worry about the weight love. You are beautiful inside and out! But I understand where you're coming from because I get like that ALOT. I already know that I am plus size, but there are some days where I just look at myself and yell (in my mind) "whale" everytime I walk past a mirror. Then usually a few days later, *ahem* "that time of the month" comes along (if you catch my drift) and I figure out why I had those ridiculous feelings in the first place! (Kinda like this week... urgh) :/
lyndsey of hellolyndsey