Monday, November 7, 2011

Down The Rabbit Hole

A Day To Remember -- I'm Made of Wax Larry What Are You Made Of?

This band, ADTR, used to be my absolute favorite a few years back. And this song was the absolute best. I saw them at Warped Tour a couple years ago with my friends. One of the best concerts I have ever been to. I will admit it was a bit scary and super crowded, but totally amazing. I ended up loosing my shoe somehow while being pushed around and then found it five minutes later! Lucky right? Good times, I miss my friends a lot from back home. We always knew how to have a good time and laugh at everything. 

I went to take pictures today at 4:30 and the sun was already setting... 

{Oxfords: Bass -- Tights: Target -- Dress: NewLook -- Sweater: Urban Outfitters -- Belt: Thrifted}

How adorable is the bunny print on this sweater I got it for my birthday in the summer. They only had a size small, so it's a bit tight on my arm fat muscles. Once it's on for a while it's really comfy though. I'm also glad to be wearing my pretty peach dress from New Look. I feel quite flustered when trying to match it with other colors, black seemed like the safe thing to do. Next time I am thinking deep green and orange! 

Photo's by Zach, thanks darling! 

Hello Everyone!
Thanks for all your lovely comments on my last outfit post. Glad I'm not alone in the "eat whatever I want because it is summer" club. Life's short, might as well live it to the best right? Hopefully not too short though, I still have tons of things I need to do. Like visit Stockholm and make candles in tea cups. Luckily I marked off make a black bow hair clip today. Always nice to cross things off that never ending to-do list. 
Since we are talking about good news, I had an interview the other day and I didn't blush at all! Isn't that fantastic? Totally proud of myself. My chest might have gotten a little red, but that doesn't count! Right? 

Anyone have any suggestions for how to con my boyfriend to take more pictures for me, he always does them so nicely! 


This Charming Style said...

Wow, that jumper is so cute! The black and white from the jumper, and from the shoes and socks, looks fab with the dress. And well done on your interview! your chest going red doesn't count at all :D


Anonymous said...

Love this outfit :) I'm actually wearing a collared dress with a long belted sweater today too! :P


Anonymous said...

Where do you take your pictures?? You always have the most beautiful setting! And that skirt is really cute :)


Zane said...

adore your look, esp the top. and the band sounds pretty good, I can imagine the action going on on live concerts :)

Anonymous said...

I hate that's is getting dark so early! But I do love your pretty little top there - those bunnies are adorable!

Angela said...

The bunnies! Cuteness overload! :)

Myprettymummy said...

I love the outfit. Peter pan collars are my favourite!

Lucy said...

I always look forward to your posts - your outfits are always so beautifully put together!

that bunny jumper is too lovely!

Lucy xx

Hannah said...

That is such a cute sweater! With the peter-pan collared dress, it's just perfect! Your boyfriend does an excellent job with your photos.
Have a great Monday. :)

Emma said...

sooo cute. love how youve layered. such a cute fun outfit


gorgeous outfit! amazing photos! how do you get your photos to glow like that?


Nikki said...

OMG, your sweater is just so adorable!! I love the print, so sweet!:)Xx

nest + venture said...

your boyfriend takes amazing photos! I wish mine liked to take them...he usually tries to get them over with as soon as possible, haha.
By the way, I wanted to comment a few posts ago but totally forgot--I have that little (annoying) blushing habit as well! I don't know how/when it started, but I just randomly blush all the time, even when completely unnecessary. I hate it. But, it is nice to know that other people do that too, to be honest :) I am really glad I found your blog, you seem so down-to-earth and sweet all of the time--not to mention stylish as hell! xoxo

Unknown said...

What a great outfit. You put everything together so beautifully. I love the little bunnies.


Paula said...

super cute post, I adore your sweater :D

Anonymous said...

I am sorry but the giveaway contest is over ! :(
Your rabbit printed top is adorable.

Unknown said...

I just love the rabbit print sweater layered over your dress. The collar sticking out of the top of it is exceptional.

Lyndsey said...

I love that cute little rabbit printed sweater! I also have a peachy pink dress that I'm scared to wear colors with and I always opt black with it. Deep green and orange sound so cute! I'm thinking I'll go with brown or orange with black tights next time :)
lyndsey of hellolyndsey