Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Happy Birthday!

Zach's 20th birthday went very well yesterday. I went and bought him Dunkin' Donuts for breakfast. He loves those bagel egg things, and then after eating we went and cuddled for a couple hours. As previously mentioned, we went out to Japanese food for dinner and I ordered shrimp and filet mingon. It was so delicious, except those places give you way too much food! But the veggies were probably my favorite part, they really know how to cook so yummy broccoli and onions. 
After the main meal Zach got a free piece of cheesecake with a cute green umbrella in it! 

 Once we returned home from dinner the opening of presents began. He received new jeans, a nice flannel top, pink buckey balls, a silly beanie (which I bought), x-box live card, and his main present was the new white ipad. 

Doesn't he look so handsome with a beard? :)

Of course he took the ipad to school today and has barely been able to put it down! I must admit it's quite pretty! 

Unfortunately I can't post any outfit pictures today, even though I really wanted to. I have so much school work and reading to catch up on. Plus it has been raining/ misting all day. And right now I am off to go make some tea with the tea cup my mum bought from Italy! Have a great day ladies. 


Unknown said...

Happy birthday to him! I enjoy the new hat/beard!




Jazzy E (Hivenn) said...

So sweet! x hivenn

Unknown said...

Lovely blog! The beard hat is amazing.


Carolyn said...

hahah that beard beanie is hilarious! love it