Thursday, September 15, 2011

Primary Colors

Hello darlings!
Today I'm posting some outfit pictures that are from last October, before I had Wild Flower. I really liked how these came out and you can see how much I have changed in just less than a year! Mainly my hair. The reason I'm doing this is because I'm a bit under the weather. I've got a nasty cold, which makes breathing and swallowing very difficult. None the less I didn't want to just skip posting today, so I hope you like these oldies :) 

{Cardigan & Skirt: F21 -- Purse: Vintage, Coach -- Blouse: Thrifted -- Shoes: Keds}

If you've been following me for a little while you might remember this purse, because I did a give away with it :) I miss the little red beauty! These pictures were very scary to take, since I am scared of heights, but my boyfriend forced me! And I'm glad they did, because they got me on the cover page of Chictopia for the first time. 

Hopefully I'll be well enough to get up some new pictures in the next two days. Thanks for all the comments lately, they've been a super cheerer upper!

Kaylee Nicole


nest + venture said...

that little purse is lovely!

Jul said...

Adorable photos :) you look great! I can't believe you were a blondehead haha

Nikki said...

Lovely outfit!! Hope you feel better soon!:)



omg wow your on a roof!!!!! that is sooooo cool!
love these photos!
thats so amazing that you got front page on chictopia! congrats!


P.S please follow me back!

//tomatoeggs. said...

omgosh omgosh i really LOVE the second last photo!! so CUTE!!!

Vanessa, Take only Memories said...

Such cute pics! Lovely skirt and blouse!

Unknown said...

That purse is gorgeous! I do not think I could have let go of it.

Your blog is amazing!

Sharlxo said...

gorgeous photos and a gorgeous blog!


Unknown said...

These are lovely!!! How adorable and the background is breathtaking! I'm a newbie here, just found you via Stumbleupon!!!

Unknown said...

I remember these from chictopia! I loved this little colorful outfit then and I still do now!

Lyndsey said...

Oh my gosh you have changed alot since Wild Flower! Oh lord, I think blogging has changed everyone, if you go through my old archives you'll see how much blogging has definitely changed me!
lyndsey of <a href="</a>

Diary of a Young Designer said...

This is just the sweetest. I'm loving the purse and shirt, too cute.

style roulette

PS: would love to invite you to join my turban headband giveaway at my blog, if you haven't yet!

Teaka said...

Those pictures are super cute! Hope you're cold doesn't last long!
I rather like your blog. :D