Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Falling For You

{Dress: Modcloth -- Dior Sweater: Thrifted -- Socks: American Apparel -- Satchel: UO -- Bow: Etsy -- Shoes: DSW}

The weekend before last I did an Etsy feature on Hive & Honey and after posting all the cut hair accessories I just couldn't resist! I bought the mustard bow and am thus far pleased with my purchase. It's a lovely size and color, perfect for the up and coming season!

Sorry for being MIA the past few days, been completely swamped with school and family. I even had a job interview last week! Crosses my fingers. I've been really excited about life lately, especially today, since it actually felt like fall! It was semi cold and I could see my breath on the air. It allowed me the wonderful chance to slip on my much missed thigh highs and my new vintage Christian Dior sweater, which was only seven dollars at the Goodwill! Seriously my new favorite pull-over. It's so cozy, not the typical itchy and scratchy sweaters I normally find at the thrift store. I felt very school girl in this outfit, and it was lovely!

I've been finding the best blogs lately, seriously. Some of the ladies that have commented on my blog, I owe you so much for finding me, because it led me to find you! 

I hope everyone's week is starting off in a happy mood!

Kaylee Nicole


Unknown said...

oh i love your sweater and seriously Christian Dior for seven dollars holy smokes that is a good bargain!!!!! and i just love your knee high socks

P.S my leather jacket was from Winners :) i got it for my birthday from my sister, i was so happy!!

Amber Schmidt said...

You are so absolutely flawless.

Unknown said...

I'm loving this fall outfit with the thigh high socks. I need to get a pair like that! I really enjoy how your bag matches the bow in your hair too.

Amanda said...

U look soo lovely!

Krissy ~ style san san said...

awwcute, this outfit looks so comfy and cosy! love it!
Krissy xoxo

Sam said...

I love the colour of your sweater! Just ordered a sweater in that burgundy colour and I can't wait till I have it. This gives me even more inspiration for outfits!

Anonymous said...

you always look good. your sweater is love and Im glad you bought that mustard bow, its my pick too. x

Lyndsey said...

You look so gorgeous! I love the mix of colors, it's so fall like and dreamy. <3

lyndsey of hellolyndsey

Vantage Point Vintage said...

Lovely outfit, love the bag!

Nicole http://www.vantagepointvintage.com/blog/

Jenny said...

This outfit is just perfect for the Fall. I am loving the socks and the skirt. It's making me want to pull out my warm clothes and jackets for the brisk weather! xx


omg i love this outfit! everything about it is totally ah-mazing! im following you now! hope you can follow me back! :)


shop style conquer

islabell said...

i LOVE this outfit! What an amazing (and comfy looking) dior sweater. its so hard to find non itchy sweaters. your shoes are a nice touch too. i have a similar pair but have a hard time stying them. looking good