Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Au Revoir Summer

{Beret & Skirt: Thrifted -- Top: F21 -- Shoes: Bass}

This outfit is dedicated to the last days of summer. By thursday the cold will come! But until then I might as well wear one more tank top and one more outfit without tights. It was a fun summer I went to California and North Carolina, and I learned a lot about myself and what I want out of life. It's hard to believe I have lived on the East Coast for more than a year now, but what a wonderful time it has been! And, to be honest, I just can't wait for snow again. I absolutely loved a winter where it was cold instead of the usual sunny of Southern California. 

Unfortunately I messed up with the self timer/ tri-pod so a lot of the cute pictures were too blurry to use :(  I need to hurry up and buy a remote for my camera, how much easier my life would be!

Happy Tuesday <3

Kaylee Nicole


nest + venture said...

I bought a remote on amazon.com for only $3, which includes shipping, and I looove it! it's fun to use :)
lovely skirt! you're always so adorable.

Sharlxo said...

skirt is gorgeous and really has that vintage feel
you have a great blog :)


Lyndsey said...

Yayyyyyy fall! I'm so excited, that's great that you know exactly when the cold is coming there, Georgia is bipolar when it comes to seasons and weather, haha! We could have a 80 degree day in November and a 56 degree day in August.

You look so adorable! That skirt is to.die.for! I have one just like it except mine is a peachy/pink color and way too hard to match :/ haha.

I know how you feel!! I so need to buy a remote. As a matter of fact I'm ordering one right this second so I won't keep putting it off.

lyndsey of hellolyndsey

jess said...

The skirt is so pretty.

Tieka, Selective Potential said...

Can I please steal that skirt?!! Oh my goodness, it's so lovely! xo


omg you look ah-mazing! i cant decide if i like your dress or your hat or your shoes better haha!

awesome post!



Elyse (Give Me Bows) said...

Such a gorgeous outfit, very french chic! Love the longer length skirt on you x

This Charming Style said...

I think the pictures are beautiful! Such a wonderful parissiene look, I adore the skirt. Sounds like a great summer! xx

Nikki said...

Oh wow your skirt is so pretty! and I'm loving the beret, it adds such a difference to the whole look!!:)


Sabrina said...

I do love a polka dot skirt. It's so cute, especially with the graphic t-shirt and hat. Great touch with the bold lips too! And nooo, I'm still in denial- don't say goodbye to summer yet!


Anonymous said...

your skirt is beautiful, I love polka dots a lot. :) Enjoy the fall! We do not have fall season here in my country :( I know, it sucks. haha!

maggeygrace said...

OH my gosh, that's a wonderful skirt! The shape and movement is so lovely. I would totally frolic in that skirt! I love your shoes, too!! I think I have them, hehe. You're so adorable

london loves said...

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Unknown said...

I love that skirt so much! It looks great with the black oxfords.

Sian Thomas said...

This is the prettiest outfit!! I love the skirt =) The length of it really suits you, especially with those super cute shoes =D