Thursday, September 29, 2011

New Oxfords For My Collection

Birdy- Skinny Love

{Dress: Dahlia -- Blazer: Thrifted -- Oxfords: Modcloth}

Hi sweets. 
My package from Modcloth arrived today. :) I am thrilled with everything I bought from the sale. I wore my new and lovely oxfords today, pictured above, and they are so comfy. I adore the little silver studs on them. Also in my Modcloth package of goodies was the two Dahlia dresses I ordered. I couldn't be happier, they are so unique, pretty, girly, amazing, gorgeous, and did I mention pretty? 

I'm going to be out of town this weekend so I won't be able to update till sunday evening or sometime on monday. I promise to take lots of pictures though! 

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I Prefer Honey In My Tea

Amos Lee- Cup of Sorrow

{Shoes: Modcloth -- Dress: Forever21 -- Cardigan Thrifted -- Satchel: Urban Outfitters}

Well how do you like it? I finally managed to get somewhat of a beehive hair do going on. Thanks to the lovely lady Lauren, of Someone Like You. I asked her to put up a tutorial of how she does her adorable beehive, because it always looks amazing, and she actually posted one. And one I could understand! Normally I get confused with online tutorials. Hers was simple and to the point. I like how it turned out, but still could use some work. :) 

Hooray for pretty leaves falling on the ground. I can't wait for October and November, definitely two best months of the year!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Modcloth Sale & Peachy Afternoon

Hello beautiful people! 
So I have been waiting for this day for some time it seems. And it has finally come! Today is the super giant and amazing Modcloth Sale! Everything is cheap and I can't help but get all excited. I did indeed buy two Dahlia dresses from the sale each one under 30 dollars! Eeeek. So happy. I can't wait for my package to arrive in the mail. Seriously, you need to check out This Super Duper Sale!

And enough with all that excitement, now you get to see what I wore today :) 

{Skirt & Cardigan: Thrifted -- Blouse: Urban Outfitters -- Oxfords: Modcloth}

Monday went by pretty well here. I got a lot done in the past two days so that always feels very relieving and satisfying. The blog also reached 250 followers! Which is crazy and amazing. Plus it's so wonderful to know that my style, even though I lack in expressing myself through words, is getting through to people. My style is who I am. No set in stone niche. Just Kaylee. 

I know it might seem a little silly, but I had been hiding my blog from all the people I knew in real life. Except my boyfriend and mom. But yesterday I told my two bestfriends. I wish I had told them earlier, they are so supportive :) It feels great that they know too, a huge relief. You might be asking how my two bestfriends didn't know about a blog that I update plenty times a week, but we live across the country from each other. I moved to the east coast last year and they are still on the west. It's hard sometimes, but I'm glad to know they are still there for me! 

Thanks for reading <3 

Saturday, September 24, 2011

School Girl

Ellie Goulding -- Your Song

{Cardigan: Thrifted -- Dress: Forever21 -- Socks: Urban Outfitters -- Shoes: Vintage}

Hi darlings,
I had a reader ask me what I would wear to school if I wanted to be chic, but still had to walk over a mile to school. Well this is what I came up with. :) I paired up comfy vintage flats with a cute polka dot dress and a big slouchy sweater. Wearing tights instead of socks would be a great choice if it's colder where you are. I must say just wearing a dress to my high school would have been considered dressed up since everyone only wore jeans, but I think vintage shoes pull the outfit to a whole new level of loveliness :)

In other news I finally broke down and bought a remote for my camera. Seriously best thirty dollars I have spent in a long time. It even has a self timer on the remote! I get excited just thinking about it, makes taking my own pictures a million times easier. I suggest one if you are out there running back and forth from your camera and switching from AF to MF!

Happy Saturday :)

Kaylee Nicole

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Rosi Golan-- Think Of Me

{Blazer & Belt: Thrifted -- Dress: Modcloth -- Boots: Vintage -- Satchel: UO -- Cheetah Head Wrap: F21 -- Socks: DSW}

Today is officially the first day of fall! :) 

I have three things I need to share today--
  1. Today I was featured on Daria's lovely blog, Kittenhood! So make sure to check out, she is totally adorable too, I love all her outfits. Especially the chic one she put up today!
  2. I mentioned a while back that my boyfriend's little sister decided to make her own fashion blog after she saw mine. She is the prettiest little girl with the best hair in the world, really. It's amazing because she will go out and take pictures with the tri-pod and then write up these way too adorable inspiring posts, and she's only ten! So THIS is the link to her blog, Rediculous Red Head!
  3. Only my amazing readers know how to brighten up my day so quickly, thanks darlings. :)
Have a great day,
Kaylee Nicole

Monday, September 19, 2011

If I Die Young

{Jacket & Dress: Thrifted -- Socks: DSW -- Oxfords: Target -- Hat: Vintage}

Nothing to better cheer up a dreary monday than plum socks! While I was at school today all I could think was how my mum is on her way to Italy and I am stuck in this grey classroom. So unlucky! I should definitely be with her on my way to Europe right this minute! Ah well, I guess I'll just keep dreaming.

What I am currently wondering is why are there always petite sections in stores, but hardly ever tall sections? And if there are tall sections it always cost way more. I know a lot of tall girls and I am sure I speak for all of us when I say just because we are taller than average doesn't mean we are also fatter than average! Some reason companies believe that as you get taller you must also be heavy. Bah. Also why does Urban Outfitters and Forever21 shoes only go up to size 10? Totally lame! I love shoes too, just one size bigger would be nice.

Now that I am nice and vented of my anger here is another good song for you guys :) 

The Band Perry -- If I Die Young

Hope your week is starting off well!

Kaylee Nicole

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Go Outside

{Shoes: Dr. Martens -- Jeans: Levi's -- Blouse: UO -- Sweater: Thrifted -- Bow: Etsy}

Hi lovelies!
Hope everyone had a fun weekend. I sat in bed the whole time and was literally dying to go outside! I did manage a trip to the thrift store, but once I was there, I was having hot flashes and could only breathe through my mouth. Ugh, was an unpleasant experience. Except that I did buy an amazing cropped black denim jacket which I now love whole heartedly. I also bought two blazers and a mustard cardigan, which is exactly what I was looking for.

So London Fashion Week has begun... I have never wanted to be in London so terribly bad! Which is remarkable, because I am a little obsessed with England {definitely born in the wrong country}. In honor of my love for England, I wore my Dr. Martens today :) They are so comfy, I absolutely love it. I want the cherry ones for christmas! {wink wink mum} 

I wanted to share this song with you guys today because I can't get it out of my head! And then I realized I have never even mentioned music on my blog really. So let me know if you like this one and maybe I can make it a regular thing to post music?

Cults -- Go Outside

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Smitten Saturday

I can't stop thinking about...

Pretty colored hair

How badly I want an airy and bright room!

These Martens

When the leaves will change color

My baby girl, Nollie 

Lovely Florals

My sister's first lookbook post!! :) Isn't she gorgeous?

How badly I want snow {and this girls outfit!}

{To view original source just click on any of the pictures!}

Still not feeling too hot here, but thanks for all the well wishes :) I fear I haven't been able to join the cold weather because of my darn cold. And already on the forecast they are showing temperatures back up to 80! Nooooo. 

I hope these images inspire, 

Kaylee Nicole