Monday, August 8, 2011

From Coast to Coast

I have been on quite the adventure the past few weeks. I was in Southern California visiting my family on the Pacific ocean. I flew home to Maryland, the my lovely house in the country, and now I am on the Atlantic ocean in North Carolina. The Wright Brothers flew their first plane off the same strip of sand where I am currently staying. The humidity is high here, but I can't help enjoying being so close to the beach and so close to history. It's amazing where life takes you sometimes, and even more amazing is getting there. 

Needless to say there is internet in the house I am staying in, but it is extremely slow! I know that is not really an excuse for not updating, but I have been so busy. With all my boyfriend's family, trips to the beach, and soaking in my first Stephen King novel, I've been rather preoccupied. Here are some of the pictures I have taken so far!

Dress: Good Will// Shoes: Forever 21

{The lovely beach}

{I just changed the ribbon on this dress to darling deep blue, it previously matched the dress print. For fall I am planning on buying a gold ribbon so it can work for the new season!} 

{The House}

{The boyfriend and I}

I am really trying to enjoy this vacation because after this I need to start looking for a job and prepping for the school year to start up. I fear this might be my last summer where my schedule is completely free, it's a bit scary to think about. I do want a job though, I need to travel the world, and to do so I need money! Doesn't seem fair sometimes does it?

I'll try and post again shortly, thanks for all the comments lately, they brighten up my day!

Kaylee Nicole

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SomeoneLikeYou said...

You look just too beautiful in these pictures (but that's no surprise at all...) I love the novelty print on the dress... sun flowers are too cute!

...And the picture of you and your guy is simply lovely! You two make a darling couple I must say.

Marie said...

Enjoy the summer! I am jealous. And old.
Love that dress!~
Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge
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Nikki said...

Beautiful dress!! it looks like you're having a lovely time!! :)


shehimandanotherday said...

Hello, I loved the pictures. Ah, traveling with her boyfriend, I want it too! They are so dear together! If you do not mind you I'm following your blog, I'm new here!

I hope you enjoy this wonderful time there. I understand what you say, also scares me when I think I might have to get a job. Fear of failing in my area. But well I wish you all the luck!

kiss, Marlene♥

Katie said...

Beautiful dress! xo

Kirstin said...

Oh I love the beach photos, you are adorable! The sunflowers are so perfect and summery.

Mackenzie said...

What a fun dress! I love the ribbon and it's smart to change it with the new season approaching. Hope you're enjoying your vacation!

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shehimandanotherday said...

Oh dear thank you for your sweet comment dear!
Yes you are right this girl is beautiful and for her age has great potential, really!
I also loved your blog, so beautiful!

a huge kiss ♥

Anonymous said...

nothing beats a cute dress on the beach! enjoy your vacation!