Wednesday, August 31, 2011

With A Little Help From My Friends

{Necklace: Smythe - Top: Thrift Store - Skirt: H&M - Oxfords: Target}

Today the gals decided to help me with outfit photos!

Golden: Chuck
Fat one {to the right of my boyfriend}: JoJo
Black: Spooky
Little White {half behind me}: Jenny

Yes they are all girls, even Chuck, which is just a nickname. They kept running in and out of all my pictures and I couldn't even be mad because they are so cute! I would be so lost without pets. I mean on top of these four we also have two amazing cats. They are all so comforting and fun to play with. Spooky is mainly my puppy and she is best {don't tell the others!}

And back to the fashion, I bought this faux leather skirt when I was school shopping with my friend Taylor. I am hoping it will be my go to black skirt for both fall and winter. I am really into the whole leather trend right now. :) It adds a little kick ass to my normally pretty sweet wardrobe. I think I need a new pair of black oxfords also, these are falling apart in the back and they are little awkwardly wide. Seen any good black ones lately?

Happy hump day :)

Kaylee Nicole

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Walking The Halls

{ Shirt: Modcloth--Jeans: Levi's--Shoes: Modcloth-- Satchel: Fossil}

Hi darlings!
So today was my official first day of school and I chose to stick with a comfy and casual outfit. It went pretty well, I won a geology book :) It's funny because just the other night I was complaining how I never win any contests or anything. So fait stepped in and gave me an 80s science pocket book. 
I am real excited to wear all my fall clothes and such, but I just couldn't do it today. Felt wrong with all the leaves still green and temperatures still very high. Hopefully it was start cooling down, I mean two more days till September. And September is definitely fall, right?

Sorry to only post one picture, but all of them came out blurry for some unknown reason, but you get the idea right? Hope everyone else is having a good time at the beginning of their school year and the beginning of a new season!


Monday, August 29, 2011

Back To Black

{Dress: Thrifted// Belt: F21// Tights: H&M// Shoes: Bass}

Today was supposed to be quite an eventful day, but what did I end up doing? Nothing. Well I went to the thrift store, where I found a really cute Dior sweater, but that's not what was meant to happen! Today was going to be the first day of school and I had my new Dahlia dress and fringe oxfords all set out, but then school was canceled. No power. I know I should be excited, but it kind of bummed me out.  I miss school, which sounds totally lame, but it's something do and I like being with other people. I don't have too many friends since I moved here not too long ago. Ah well, just another day of thrifting and sewing!

Hope your week is starting off well. 

Kaylee Nicole

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Etsy: Hive + Honey Shoppe

Hello darlings!
Thanks for all the well wishes about the hurricane, lucky it wasn't as bad as everyone was predicting. At least in my area. Just a few knocked down trees, more than half the state without power, and lots of debris in the road. Luckily for me, I have still have my first day of school tomorrow and a job interview, can't wait! 

Today I am doing another Etsy Feature. I think you guys enjoyed the last one? Let me know!

I recently ran across this lovely shop called Hive + Honey whose shop owner, Kaelah of Little Chief Honey Bee, makes handmade hair accessories out of the cutest fabrics! I picked out my top favorites, but let me know which ones you like best!

{To view original source, you can either click on the link below each picture or the picture itself!}

Aren't they darling? It was definitely difficult to only pick a hand full of ones I like, because honestly I could have them all. Make sure to check out her SHOP. Oh and these handmade beauties are very fairly priced I'd say, plus window shopping is always fun too!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Kaylee Nicole

Friday, August 26, 2011


{Hat: Urban Outfitters// Dress & Belt: F21// Blouse: Thrifted// Shoes: Modcloth}

Just a silly post today. Didn't really like how the pictures came out and adding lots of color seemed like the right thing to do. Only now I am having a dire need for skittles, I better run out and get some before the hurricane hits! 

In case I don't have electricity over the next two days, have a lovely weekend! 

Kaylee Nicole

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Wash It Out

{Sweater: Thrifted// Dress: Modcloth// Satchel: Urban Outfitters// Shoes: Toms// Necklace: Smythe}

Here are my lovely Toms! I know I don't wear them as much as I should because they are so cute, but I need to find a way to clean them up a bit first. I'm sure most of you have heard of Toms before, for every pair they sell, they will donate a pair to a kid in need. And how awesome is that? Makes wearing them that much better, plus they are totally comfy!

Hurricane Irene is on it's way! And boy do I hope the electricity goes out when it comes through Maryland. I love a house full of candles rather than light bulbs! When the electricity goes out it sort of brings the family together. We all sit around talking about how dependent we are on our electronics and then play fun card games while listening to the rain fall outside. Sounds like a fun evening right?

I helped my little sister {actually my boyfriend's little sister} make a blog today. She told me she wants a fashion blog just like mine! How cute is that. I'll post a link on here once she gets a few pictures up and you can all see how amazing her hair is. God I want her gorgeous red locks!

I'm excited for lots and lots of rain!

Kaylee Nicole

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Summer Light

{ Top & Necklace: F21// Shorts & Belt: Thrifted// Shoes: BC Shoes}

There is nothing quite as nice as a plaid top in the late summer heat. I normally tend to avoid this particular shirt because it feels a bit too western. When reviewing these photos on my laptop I realized how much I adore the salmon and navy blue colors together and how I don't wear plaid prints enough! I am normally distracted by floral prints, my favorite, but this was a very nice change for me. 

Things are looking mighty fine right now, hopefully I'll get a job soon and fall semester is starting up next week! I am excited for the future and really excited to pull my life together with a nice and normal routine. I'll miss the sweet summer days of sewing and reading, but definitely time to carry on.

Weeks almost over :) 

Kaylee Nicole

P.S. The Help was amazing and somehow I managed not to cry once. Considering Star Wars Episode Six made me cry this is quite the accomplishment. I recommend everyone go see this movie, not only was the story funny and inspirational, but all the peter pan collars and vintage prints were to die for!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A Quake

{Hat & Shirt: H&M// Jeans: Levi's// Sandals: Vintage, Etsy// Satchel: UO// Ring: F21}

Finally I have taken pictures in my beautiful and quite colorful huarache sandals! I found these lovelies on Etsy, and I must say there is something about buying vintage that makes me happy. I'd love to hear the stories and fun times they had with their previous owner(s), if only vintage could talk!

As I am sure some of you may have heard we had a pretty big {5.8 magnitude} earth quake on the east coast of the U.S. today. Of course I was born and raised in California so I knew what it was immediately, but it was still a bit scary and crazy! The house was shaking, the dogs were barking, and the giant grand father clock in the living room starting booming and chirping. My little puppy, Spooky, was actually shaking for about ten minutes before it hit, maybe she knew? As far as I could tell the damage didn't seem to be too bad, at least around where I am, near D.C. I hope all of you other east coasters out there are okay too!

I am going with my boyfriend's mom and sisters to see The Help tonight, I'll let you guys know how it is!

Kaylee Nicole

Sunday, August 21, 2011

On The Water

{Hat: Vintage// Tank: Forever 21// Shorts: American Eagle}

Last night was an amazing saturday night. I went with the boyfriend and family to the boat. We ate chips drank sodas, and played catch phrase {ever played that?}. The sun was setting and there was a perfect breeze accompanying a perfect view. Of course one of the engines in the boat wasn't working so we just sat in the dock, but it was so peaceful. And then as the sun set over the horizon someone started shooting off fireworks and we got to watch the whole show! 

After the boat we went out for Mexican food and I ate the best guacamole. It's hard to find good Mexican food on the east coast! 

Sad that this was one of the last weekends of summer, it's been a great season. However I am wickedly excited for fall!

Kaylee Nicole