Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Hello lovlies!

I'm back! My teeth removal went pretty well, but I was out and drugged for a few days. Thanks for all the well wishes, they made me feel a bit better! Also a giant thanks to Harriet and Emma, I adored both outfit posts. I can't really thank you enough for helping me out ladies, but I owe you one!

Yesterday my boyfriend and I went out to dinner with my parents as a little going away event. Thursday, tomorrow, we are flying back home to Maryland, just in time for another heat wave! Only to leave for North Carolina in a week though. Anyone been there before? If you have, any amazing places I need to visit? :) 

Scarf: Vintage// Blouse: Thrift Store// Skirt: Anthropologie (On sale of course!)// Satchel: Urban Outfitters// Sandals: Target

I found out yesterday that Urban Outfitters is opening their second store in Maryland! This one is closer to my house, about a 20 minute drive, and I would absolutely love to work there. They have amazing clothes, shoes, and apartment items, it would seriously be a dream come true. However they are holding their open job interviews on two days that I will be out in North Carolina. The disappointment was so strong! I am not sure, but am hoping they might have another one at a later date, would be so killer to work there!

This last picture was sort of an accident, forgot to adjust the settings on my camera before I gave it to my boyfriend. I liked how it turned out though, the over exposure is sort of fun!

I'm off to go pack for the trip home, thanks again Harriet and Emma, you guys are amazing!



This Charming Style said...

I am glad it went well! Beautiful comeback post, you look absolutely stunning. I always adore all of your outfits. Shame about the UO thing, my fingers are crossed for you that they will announce another date! :) Also, thank you for letting me do a guest post, I was really honoured that you asked me! :D x

jess said...

Glad to hear your tooth removal went well. I haven't heard about the new Urban Outfitters. That's exciting.

Elyse (Give Me Bows) said...

So glad you are back and feeling okay :) You look darling in these photos, I adore the bow scarf and that skirt, so cute! x

Angel Garcia said...

Ouch! Teeth removal sounds painful.. Haha im lucky I have not gone trough that (yet). Loving this look by the way, especially the top..

All the best, Angel

Emma said...

glad you're feeling better hun adn you're welcome, i had fun posting for you!! love this outfit, such a romantic look and i always love the combo of blue and red

nest + venture said...

I love that shirt! very classy and pretty.
By the way, my brother's girlfriend worked at Urban Outfitters for a few months and HATED it..she didn't make very much money and they didn't treat the employees very well :/ I have talked to another girl who felt the same way. So maybe it's better that you will be out of town? Just a thought!

Unknown said...

The mix of color in this outfit is so nice. I really love your top and the cute bow in your hair. Awesome shoes too! I'm glad your teeth removal went well!

Yasmin Nouri said...

Such a cute look!

Anonymous said...

you look just lovely in this!