Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Outfit Details:
Hat & Satchel: UO// Dress: Forever 21// Belt: GoodWill

Today felt like a pattern mixing sort of day. I chose cheetah with sparrows, which turned out pretty well! I was so happy today was actually cloudy all day and cool, which allowed me to wear my tights. I really miss wearing all my tights, they add something special to an outfit.

These pictures were taken up in Santa Barbara, my sister was working up there for a day, so my mum and I went for a visit. The best thing about shopping up there is all the unique boutiques! They also had a lot of consignment and vintage stores. I bought a wonderful peter pan collar top from the thirties, it's so lovely!

I have a surprise for all you guys with my next outfit post, I dyed my hair! 

Kaylee Nicole


Amber Schmidt said...

These photos are absolutely wonderful; they look straight out of a magazine.

I can't wait to see your hair color! xo

Unknown said...

beautiful photos

Anonymous said...

Pretty girly :)
I can't wait to see your new hair colour!


Just stumbled on your blog! Eeek, it's so ethereal and dreamy and perrrtyyyy. I love it!

And this outfit is way adorable - I love the beret touch. You look very Parisian. It's fabulous!

Check out mine?

Emma said...

another super cute dress, can i raid your closet? ;)

SomeoneLikeYou said...

No doubt that you are one of the loveliest little things I've ever seen... I'm so enthralled by every single outfit that you post. I found myself going way back into your archives and being so inspired... You're an absolute dream!

Annalise said...

I just LOVE the little peter pan collar on this dress you're wearing. So sweet! I was actually born and raised in Santa Barbara so I liked hearing that you were there. What vintage stores did you go to? I wonder if they are some that I have been to before. :D
ps. Can't wait to see your hair.

Lyndsey said...

I love the setting of the photographs, and you look just stunning in that dress!! I love everything about the outfit. You look great :)!

lyndsey of hellolyndsey

chicqua said...

So pretty dress n bag:-)
much love,

Unknown said...

Such a perfectly cute dress! I love the collar on it. Great print mixing with the little leopard print flats. The two prints work nicely together.

jess said...

I love dress.

This Charming Style said...

That dress is so pretty in combination with the lipstick, and I adore the bag too! I can't wait to see your hair! :)

Flo said...

Soo pretty!!

check out my new post if you have time :)

The Mad Twins said...

Love this look! Such a sweet dress and you look also so sweet in it :)


Lidiya said...

This outfit is gorgeous - I adore your dress and your satchel is so cute and preppy! :)

Sabrina said...

Such an adorable dress! Gotta love peter pan collars. The bag is a really great accessory too. Following your blog now- I adore your style!


Velociraptor said...

Fabulous outfit! Everything seems to fit together so perfectly. I think i may have to head to UO to find me one of those adorable satchels...