Monday, June 27, 2011

Yellow Fever

Outfit Details:
Sunnies: UO// Necklace: F21// Shirt: H&M via GoodWill// Skirt: American Vintage// Shoes: Target

Hello Color! I don't own too many yellow items of clothing, but I must say I LOVE this skirt. I love the length, the bow, where it hits on my waist, and especially the bright and sunny hue. 

I took these pictures yesterday when I was out to lunch. We went to this really cool and old restaurant which felt like it was in the middle of nowhere. They had fresh squeezed lemonade and the best strawberry shortcake in the world (not kidding). I was going to take a picture of the strawberry deliciousness, however when the plate was laid down in front of me I could think of nothing except EAT. I promise I'll try and take pictures next time. It's weird because most of the time the bread is the worst part of a strawberry shortcake, but in this case it's the best!

Apparently "June Gloom" has decided it's time for the summer sun, which isn't always the best for pictures. I'll be on the hunt now for cool places with lots of shade to take mine!

Happy summer everyone. :)

Kaylee Nicole


sajuki said...

lovely skirt :)

Alisha said...

Happy summer indeed. Lemonade and strawberry shortcake are two main staples of summer!

Great find at goodwill!! You look lovely.

Claudia Paola said...

This outfit is so sweet and summery.. You look like you stepped out of a scene from Grease! I just love your bright yellow skirt and your cat-eye shades xx

Unknown said...

That skirt is indeed awesome! I love the color and the shape of it. It looks really nice on you.

Rachel said...

Lovely skirt, the color looks really pretty on you!

chicqua said...

So so lovely.ur skirt is so pretty.perfect for summer:-)
much love

InesT said...

Love your outfit :D

Follow me, if you still aren't ;)
Have a fashionable day! <3
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