Thursday, June 30, 2011

Summer Light

These pictures were the scariest I have ever taken. I know I have taken them on the sides of bridges and the roof of a garage, but really this tree scared me to death! My boyfriend always makes me do daring shoots when I force him to take my pictures, but at least they turn out good. :) 

This outfit is a bit different than the last time I wore this dress, which shows even just simple differences can completely change an outfit. I went from dark blue and dark brown to light blue and light tan and it still makes the dress look adorable. I've been craving a jean vest for ages, even though this is really only a jean jacket with the sleeves cut off. I am hoping the sleeves will fray a bit after I wash it and then it will  be my summer go to necessity. 

How's your week going? Any exciting stories or adventurous tales?

Au Revoir, 
Kaylee Nicole


Jo - Lost in the Haze said...

Your sunflower dress is so gorgeous! I am seriously obsessing over the beautiful print!

Lost in the Haze

Despina T. said...

what a lovely dress and cutie shoes!such a beautiful outfit.very spring and summer like :)

Nathália Alves said...

I love your jacket.
cute photos

check me out.xoxo

Fashion Addict said...

Oh this must have been a scary shoot to do considering that you were on a tree! But the photos came out amazing and you are really beautiful. And you have amazing legs btw, (not trying to sound creepy though).

Unknown said...

These pictures of you are so summery and lovely. Such a great idea to have you pose in this tree. I especially love your sunflower dress. The denim vest pairs really nicely with it. Cute shoes too!