Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Summer Inspiration: Peach

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I have recently purchased two peach dresses, one new and one vintage, and I can't get over how pleased I am by them. Peach feels like the perfect color for summer it's soft and sweet, but delicious at the same time!

Kaylee Nicole

P.S. 100 followers! Makes me want to dance :) 


Jessica Samantha said...

I agree, the color peach is so beautiful, and so perfect for summer! I love all these pictures!

Julia said...

I <3 peach.

Alisha said...

Peach is a fabulous color for summer! Great inspirational images!!

Found your blog from the ModCloth Flickr photostream :)


kelseylee said...

you featured my favorite color, my favorite flower, and my perfume! so lovely.

xo, kelseylee of peachy dreams.

Anonymous said...

I love this! such a great color, makes anything look good!