Monday, June 13, 2011

Summer Inspiration: Denim

Just some inspiring pictures of denim that are on my summer wish list! 

Kaylee Nicole


Lowri said...

I really do love denim.. will it ever go out of fashion?? I think not! great pictures :)


Sierra and Elaine said...

love! I've been searching for where to get high waisted denim shorts, this helps!! Love your style<33333333

XO Sisi

Wild Flower said...

Thrift stores are also a really good place to find them! :) xx

This Charming Style said...

Oooh wow thanks for including me in here! I actually adore all of these, espcially number 3 and the last ones too :)

Unknown said...

Denim is alwas great!! In every expression.... Harriet looks so good :)

YOu have a new follower, kisses

Alisha said...

Denim is and has always been a great trend! I love overalls right now and high waisted jeans. Great picks.

Hope you had a wonderful weekend!


Unknown said...

I can't get enough of high-waisted denim shorts this summer. And I love all the denim vests I've been seeing around lately (although I'm unsure if I could pull that look off)