Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Outfit Details:
Hat: UO// Top: H&M// Shorts: Thrift Shop// Necklace & Ring: Forever 21// Tights: DSW

I can't begin to explain the delightful taste of this wonderful strawberry smothered in chocolate. I ate the whole thing in about two seconds, luckily it somehow made it into two of the pictures. When I was finished there wasn't even a little crumb left. :) 

I really enjoyed this outfit, mainly because the shorts are new and so comfortable! They also look just like a pair I was trying on at American Apparel for sixty dollars. I like my cheap ones better. I've really been into black lately, maybe it's because I was having a bit of trouble trying to wear all those pastels for spring. I got a lot of compliments on the camera necklace, it's so cute!

Thanks for all your lovely comments, they make my day!

Kaylee Nicole


Chelsea Jade said...

Amazing shorts! I've been checking out some charity shops for some similar ones! Lovely outfit :)


Lowri said...

Amazing outfit.. simple but very cute!



Amanda said...

How cool! Love the outfit

Ellie said...

I found your blog via the Modcloth flikr- and I'm so glad I did! I love your style, and your blog is adorable! :)

Rachel T said...

I also found your blog through Modcloth - and have been looking through your posts you have amazing taste! I really admire the whole thrift shop thing aswell - got me inspired :)

Unknown said...

Great look, I'm fan of shorts and over the knee socks combinations !

Unknown said...

That strawberry looks pretty tasty! Your camera necklace is adorable and I love the high-waisted denim shorts on you. I have a pair like that and I've been wearing them pretty consistantly so far this summer. Great layering of the socks over your tights too!

This Charming Style said...

I love these photos. I adore the shorts and the tights and socks combination!