Monday, June 20, 2011

Shake Me Down

I decided to do a little DIY with this black sweater I got at the Good Will. I added these cute little bunny buttons instead of the dull fake pearl buttons it came with. The project took all of maybe fifteen minutes, but really made the cardigan into a great one!

Outfit Details:
Boots: LA Vintage// Bag: UO// Dress: F21// Cardigan: Good Will

I love wearing these boots with black tights. When first trying the combination I didn't think it would work out to well. I sort of like it because maybe they don't match at all. Breaking fashion rules is always a little bit exciting. 

Going to a baseball game tonight, I'll make sure to take some pictures!

Kaylee Nicole


Taylor said...

The brown accessories look great with this outfit! Breaks up things a bit.
I like what you did with the buttons. Really cute!

Have fun tonight.

This Charming Style said...

That is such a pretty dress, and i adore the buttons you put on the cardi! In love with your bag and boots too :)

Jul said...

Those bunny buttons are so cute! They definitely spice up your cardigan. I also love the bag.

magdalena said...

lovely dress;)

Bridget said...

That dress is adorable!
And you definitely have the best shoes.

Josephine und Marlene said...

This is so beautiful! I love your blog and your lookbook :)

Willow said...

Bit crap really. Black tights in summer.

Kenzie said...

These pictures are so striking and I love the button change-up!

Madeleine Roberts said...

Darling outfit. The brown and black is such a great color combination. The the bunny buttons are a super cute detail, very creative too.

Anonymous said...

I like your boots and the little bunny buttons too. :))


Unknown said...

I love your pretty dress paired with the black tights and brown boots! Very cute look!

Maria said...

Hi, Is your boots Filippo Raphael? I think I have the same like yours. I also got it from thrift store for 2$.

Let me know.