Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Rompin' Around

Morning everyone! Yesterday my boyfriend's little brother had a birthday! He's now a proud fourteen year old! In celebration for his birthday we went to Hershey Park, PA. It was a lot of fun (I love chocolate!) and I am really going to miss them all since I flying away tomorrow. 
This is what I wore: 

Outfit Details:
Hat: H&M// Bag & Sunnies: UO// Romper: Vintage// Socks & Shoes: Target

I have an insane crush on this romper. I love the bold colors along with the awesome pearl buttons. I think other people liked it too! On our way into the park there was a band playing random rockish music. We walk by and the singer grabs my arm and serenades the song "That's What I Like About You", it made me blush haha. And I don't think my boyfriend enjoyed it too much!

He forgave me though, because he won me this adorable little pink and green turtle. 

He's so old fashioned :) 

And also a funny photographer! 

Here's me with his family, some people actually think I am just another sibling. Which is pretty embarrassing, maybe I should dye my hair! I really had a good time, even if it meant I couldn't post for a day. 
There isn't a better way to help with a boring monday than a birthday outing! 

Kaylee Nicole


This Charming Style said...

You look really gorgeous! I am in LOVE with your romper, and the socks are perfect! Looks like a really fun day :)

magdalena said...

i love your dress! ;)

Jessica Samantha said...

I am so jealous-- I've been wanting to go to Hershey Park for ages now, being the intense chocoholic that I am. I love your outfit, as well! Sounds like you had an enjoyable time at the park. :)

The Robyn Diaries said...

Oh you look lovely and that romper is amazing! I can see why you love it :) x

Rachel said...

Such a cute romper, and great colors as well!

ninda said...

awww cute romper! I really love your romper, perfect for summer :D
and seems like you had fun :D

Anonymous said...

you're really pretty. and I love your style. love those socks and your romper too. :) you're blog is amazing. keep it up! xx

Raquel said...

You look gorgeous! The romper and matching socks are adorable.