Friday, June 17, 2011


Outfit Details: Cardigan: H&m// Dress: ModCloth// Necklace: Forever 21// Shoes: Target

I love this sweater, I only wished it matched more things!

Yesterday was my Dad's birthday!

He's the best Dad in the world and I'm so proud of him. :)
My whole family went to Universal City Walk last night in celebration, it was a lot of fun. I got a caramelized apple with nuts on it. I love family outings, they seem so rare.

As one of his gifts, my Dad got a new puppy!

This is Abby, she is full Papillion! She runs into everything and can't go down steps, I am in love with her. She often looks very confused which only adds to her charm.

Have a good weekend and thanks for the help with the Dr. Martens

Kaylee Nicole


Bridget said...

You have the cutest outfits!
I hope your dad had a great birthday.

This Charming Style said...

Amazing print mixing, and i love the socks and shoes. The dress and cardi are both SO cute! I want this outfit :)

Happy Birthday to your dad, the puppy is ridiculously cute! :D

Rachel said...

Great dress, it looks really cute on you!

Margaret said...

You're dog is precious. I want to hug and kiss her!

I'm jealous of your cardigan :D

Jul said...

Happy birthday to your dad! Oh that puppy is so cute :) and you outfit is amazing, love the sweater.

Anonymous said...

happy birthday to your dad! and i really like your cardi :)) xx

rosarotlilablau said...

that outfit is so pretty.

Unknown said...

An adorable mix of prints in this outfit and an adorable puppy as well! I love that you kept things monochromatic so the prints can really shine. Cute!