Saturday, June 4, 2011

I will follow you into the dark

Outfit Details:
Cardigan & Dress: Good Will// Shoes: Converse All Stars// Bag: UO

I was so busy yesterday that I didn't get in any pictures till it was almost too late! And I wanted to show you my chucks, which I never wear anymore, but actually look very cute with dresses. The temperatures seemed to cool down a bit yesterday, which was incredibly soothing. I am kind of going crazy right now because I have to pack for my trip (what do you bring in a suitcase for a two month trip??) and there are birthdays and getting my hair cut and trying to finish sewing this wonderful peach dress before I leave. 

Anyways, this look was very casual for me, but I loved it. The mixing of patterns is always fun and well I did feel a bit normal in sneakers, and not that many people stared at me! They especially tend to do that when I wear heels haha. Even though these pictures came out so dark I really like them, the background is pretty at least. :) 

Any exciting plans for your saturday night? I'm hoping I can get my boyfriend to take me and see the new X-men! 

Kaylee Nicole


This Charming Style said...

i think these photos are really pretty! i love my converse, especially with dresses <3

kelseylee said...

I love the print of that dress, and it looks great paired with your Chucks.

also, your post title sparked joy into my heart. I'm a sucker for all things Death Cab. :)

xo, kelseylee of peachy dreams.