Friday, June 3, 2011


Outfit Details: 
Shirt: Forever 21// Dress: Forever 21// Bag UO// Shoes: Modcloth// Hair Clip: Handmade Gift

Finally I am happy with how an outfit turned out. I really love this top, especially since it was on sale for 2 dollars because of a missing button. The colors are beautiful and I love the pattern, sort of reminds me of a 40's safari shirt that should definitely be worn in the desert, tucked into high waisted kaki trousers. With ankle boots of course. Maybe I'll have to try this look out sometime? 

I'm not sure if I have mentioned this before, but I am in a complete rut with my hair. I am finally getting it cut or just trimmed on tuesday before I fly west. However I am not sure what to do! I have been trying to grow it out so it can be put in cute buns and braids, but when it's down I feel it looks so boring. I've been outgrowing my bangs and the whole thing is the same level all around. I kind of want to dye it, but am too scared. I have always wanted straight bangs too, but I think that would make my face look rounder, plus I have a lame widow's peak which messes everything up. Any good suggestions for me ladies? I am in dire need! 

Kaylee Nicole


Margaret said...

I personally think you would look great with straight bangs. It's for those who have round faces that look rounder with straight bangs but yours is pretty egg-shaped.

My hair is insane. It's so thick and wavy and never behaves. Which is why I can never style it.

kelseylee said...

I absolutely love that print, and those shoes are really great.

when I get bored with my hair when I'm growing it out, I just change the part to a new place. it makes me feel like I have a new haircut.

xo kelseylee of peachy dreams.

April's Attic said...

such a cute look, i'm loving that satchel!
i think you should try curling your hair for a different look or maybe just the ends. it would be cute to straighten it and style with a headband or bow. try hats also!

niknok said...

so vintage!i love this!

Unknown said...

I just stumbled upon your blog and I'm sooo happy I did! I'm your latest follower!

Love your cute,fresh,girly style...just love it!


Skola said...

I just want to say taht I adore your stil and scenes of fashion!
greetings from stockholm

This Charming Style said...

I love that shirt so much, you have worn it so well! The dress is pretty too. I think bangs would look great on you personally :)

Wild Flower said...

Thanks for all the hair advice, lots to think about before tuesday when I get it cut! xx