Thursday, June 30, 2011

Summer Light

These pictures were the scariest I have ever taken. I know I have taken them on the sides of bridges and the roof of a garage, but really this tree scared me to death! My boyfriend always makes me do daring shoots when I force him to take my pictures, but at least they turn out good. :) 

This outfit is a bit different than the last time I wore this dress, which shows even just simple differences can completely change an outfit. I went from dark blue and dark brown to light blue and light tan and it still makes the dress look adorable. I've been craving a jean vest for ages, even though this is really only a jean jacket with the sleeves cut off. I am hoping the sleeves will fray a bit after I wash it and then it will  be my summer go to necessity. 

How's your week going? Any exciting stories or adventurous tales?

Au Revoir, 
Kaylee Nicole

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A Little Birdie Told Me

Ahhh! I am actually wearing jeans!! Well, maybe it isn't that big of a deal, but still a tid bit shocking. My mum bought them for me, sort of for an early birthday present. (yikes my birthday is saturday!) Then we went and had chai tea at one of our favorite restaurants! I really missed hanging out with her while I've been away at school. And unlike my boyfriend she loves to take pictures for me! Best of both worlds, a photographer and a best friend. 

Alright I can't contain my excitement anymore because how adorable is this top with the little birdies on it? I got it a vintage store for $10, which I thought was a steal! Not only does it have cute birds, but it also has perfect little orange flower buttons. I also must share with you all that I might have had the best thrift trip ever yesterday. I'll give you a little sneak peak of the stuff I bought, for a dollar each mind you. 

Blazer with elbow pads
Jean vest (Finally!)
Pleated skirt

Only a little sneak peek though, you'll have to look out for the other in my upcoming posts. The Salvation Army was having a 10 items for 10 dollar sale and I couldn't resist. 
If you're near a Salvation Army I would definitely check to see if they are doing the same sale!

Kaylee Nicole

Monday, June 27, 2011

Yellow Fever

Outfit Details:
Sunnies: UO// Necklace: F21// Shirt: H&M via GoodWill// Skirt: American Vintage// Shoes: Target

Hello Color! I don't own too many yellow items of clothing, but I must say I LOVE this skirt. I love the length, the bow, where it hits on my waist, and especially the bright and sunny hue. 

I took these pictures yesterday when I was out to lunch. We went to this really cool and old restaurant which felt like it was in the middle of nowhere. They had fresh squeezed lemonade and the best strawberry shortcake in the world (not kidding). I was going to take a picture of the strawberry deliciousness, however when the plate was laid down in front of me I could think of nothing except EAT. I promise I'll try and take pictures next time. It's weird because most of the time the bread is the worst part of a strawberry shortcake, but in this case it's the best!

Apparently "June Gloom" has decided it's time for the summer sun, which isn't always the best for pictures. I'll be on the hunt now for cool places with lots of shade to take mine!

Happy summer everyone. :)

Kaylee Nicole

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Inspiration: Peter Pan Collars

One of each please! To view where the picture came from just click the "here" link below each one. (If any of these pictures are yours and you want it taken down, let me know)

There is something magical and vintage about a peter pan collar. 
Wether cotton, lace, or fur they all put a smile on my face. 
Do you have a favourite collar type? 

Kaylee Nicole

Saturday, June 25, 2011


Outfit Details:
Dress: Cross Roads// Shoes: UO// Socks: Target// Hair Bow: Handmade//

Nothing like roses on a warm summer's day. 
I love how soft the print is on this dress. 
Wishing for some romance in my life. 
Bubble gum pink lips. 


Kaylee Nicole

Friday, June 24, 2011

White Riot

Outfit Details:
Shoes: Target// Skirt: H&M// Shirt: HotTopic// Belt: F21

Sorry for not posting the past couple days! My life has been crazy, I've been driving into L.A. everyday and running around like a mad man. I did get in some shopping, even went to a vintage store, where I found the cutest blouse in existence. I also found a Modcloth dress at the Good Will! Quite proud of myself. I promise I'll be posting more soon. 

I don't wear t-shirts very often, but fully enjoyed doing so the other day. Pairing it with the soft and girly skirt brought the outfit back to my own style, I felt fun and adventurous dressed up in this. Sometimes it's good to try things that you wouldn't typically think fall into your own "style". And of course The Clash is fantastic <3 

Happy Friday!

Kaylee Nicole

P.S. My mum said my Dr. Martens came in the mail today!! 

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Think Blue

Outfit Details: Dress: F21// Boots: LA Vintage// Satchel: UO// 

I got this new dress in blue for the Dodgers game! They won 4 to 0 so the game wasn't the most exciting, but I had a great time with my family and my boyfriend. Most of the time my mouth hurt from smiling and laughing too much. That's always the best kind of pain. We arrived pretty early, so what better to do than take outfit pictures! I feel this dress screams my personality and I am still obsessing over polka dots. 

I'm off to Hollywood today, I hope you all have a tasteful tuesday!

Kaylee Nicole

Monday, June 20, 2011

Shake Me Down

I decided to do a little DIY with this black sweater I got at the Good Will. I added these cute little bunny buttons instead of the dull fake pearl buttons it came with. The project took all of maybe fifteen minutes, but really made the cardigan into a great one!

Outfit Details:
Boots: LA Vintage// Bag: UO// Dress: F21// Cardigan: Good Will

I love wearing these boots with black tights. When first trying the combination I didn't think it would work out to well. I sort of like it because maybe they don't match at all. Breaking fashion rules is always a little bit exciting. 

Going to a baseball game tonight, I'll make sure to take some pictures!

Kaylee Nicole