Sunday, May 15, 2011

Thrift Store Galore

For today's outfit I decided to run into a Goodwill near my house and buy a cute ensemble (Unfortunately the bag and shoes aren't from the thrift store). I think the outfit came out pretty good, I am in love with the print and the length of the skirt. And even though this shirt is in a size large it was too good to pass up. The coral color pops so much more in person and the scoop neck on the back is perfect. The belt matches my bag perfectly, not bad for 99 cents right? 

This is the new satchel I got from Urban Outfitters. I want to squeeze, kiss, and sleep with it. It's so lovely! And it really was the perfect addition to this outfit and hopefully many more in the future.

Kaylee Nicole


Kirstin said...

Love that pretty skirt! Gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

hi sweetie.. found u in chictopia.. :)

you are so fabulous! i love your style.. definitely chic! will follow your blog.. :)

hope we could follow each other.. :)

madelenemcneill said...

That top definantly looks good over sized.
I am in deep need of a brown satchel back, lucky :)
Stay lovely

Unknown said...

aww I lov the look!
you look cute :)

& here I am...