Monday, April 25, 2011

About Me

Just a lonely girl trying to find her niche in the world. I love vintage clothing, exercising, school, Star Wars, my family, the pets (two dogs, a bird, and one cat!), True Blood, reading, and above all traveling! 

I am currently a fashion merchandising student at a local university and am working hard to make my dreams come true. I'm tall, I have an extremely sarcastic humor, I tend to slightly obsess over things till I'm sick of it, I have a tid bit of OCD, and I'm a really good listener. I take all my pictures with a canon xs rebel and a 50mm 1.8f lens (early pictures with a 55mm lens). Most of my pictures are taken with a tri-pod, except when I can convince someone else to take them for me, which admittedly, is not very often. 

If you have any other questions not answered here or you just want to talk shoot me an e-mail!  

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