Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Pattern Mixing

Outfit Details:
  • Skirt, Belt, Blazer, Purse, Necklace: Goodwill :) 
  • Top, Headband: Urban Outfitters
  • Shoes: RocketDog
 Now is my second day with the most amazing lipstick ever, I wish I could wear it to sleep actually! Today felt like a double pattern day, I originally wanted to mix a stripe top with a floral bottom, but realized I only have one stripe top and unfortunately it didn't match anything else. I believe that means I need to head the thrift store and pick up a few striped tops :). I don't wear this blazer often, but truly it is one of my favorite thrift finds ever, and it adds the perfect touch of menswear to stop my outfit from being completely girly and cute.

Kaylee Nicole


Anonymous said...

i love your print mixing, so pretty!!

Unknown said...

oh i just love your blazer!!! it is awesome and the mixed prints look great together :)

Anonymous said...

Sweet blazer!

Colleen said...

i love this outfit! those are some really great goodwill finds...my local goodwill has NOTHING because i live near a college campus...oh well! you have great personal style