Friday, December 30, 2011

City Slicker

{Shoes: Converse -- Jeans: Levi's -- Sweater: Urban Outfitters -- Jacket: Modcloth -- Under shirt: Urban Outfitters}

I am trying this new thing, it's called dressing for myself and not for my blog. I have noticed, since I've been blogging, that I tend to get into a sort of style rut when picking things out because all that is running through my head is "what would look cute in pictures". Now all I am doing is picking out what I want to wear, for me. And this is what I came up with. I drew inspiration from other bloggers of course, mainly those from England and Sweden at the moment. I was cozy all day plus I think this outfit turned out just fine in pictures, even though I am wearing a pair of jeans!

Also want to mention how in love I am with this new jacket from Modcloth. I have been searching for the perfect leather jacket far too long, and now it's mine! Such a wonderful feeling when you find something you have been looking everywhere for.

My mommy is in town so now I am off to go be with her, happy friday!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Guest Post

Hi everyone I did a guest post the other day over on Charity's blog, C'est la belle vie ! Make sure to check out my NYE inspired outfit :) 

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Brand New

Augustana -- Boston

{Boots: Dr. Martens -- Tights: Charming Charlie -- Sweater: Modcloth -- Purse: Gift! -- Bow: Etsy}

I am happy to say I had a wonderful holiday weekend and an even more wonderful Christmas. I got so many wonderful things and spending all day with the boyfriend and family was so delightful. Plus we watched Water For Elephants together, such an amazing movie. :) 

I threw together this outfit from all the new things I received on sunday. Let me first say this purse is too perfect! I love how it is still a satchel, but not as structured as my other ones, it feels so refreshing. Secondly Dr. Martens!!!! And pretty cherry colored ones at that. What a surprise they were, I often feel the older you get the harder it is to surprise with gifts... but my parents did an amazing job, I love them mum and dad! Third I have been drooling over this Jack by BB Dakota sweater for ages. It has everything I love. And it's flattering on my body, which is quite an impressive feat for its shape. Lastly, a new pair of sweater tights! It's so hard to find ones that fit my unnaturally long legs, but my parents are magic workers this year! 

I really am interested in what you guys got for Christmas/Hanukkah, so let me know! Clothing and accessory gifts are the best thing for a fashion blogger, it's what we live for! 
Have a great day everyone!

Thursday, December 22, 2011


Stromae -- House'llelujah

{Boots: Dr. Martens -- Tights: Target -- Skirt and Beret: H&M -- Vest: Thrifted -- Cameo: Vintage}

I've been having a bit of trouble putting outfits together that are picture worthy. It seems like my style is changing once again. Why can't my mind just make up its mind? For as long as I can remember it has always been about dressing to a certain category. Wether that was skater chick or hollister lover, I've always felt a strange need to pick one style and stick to it. You can't dress completely innocent and girly one day and then look like a punk the next. Or can you? No, it feels wrong, unnatural, fake even. Since starting Wild Flower I have been trying to blend all these styles together, which appears to keep getting more difficult! How am I suppose to stay to true to myself if I am not sure who I am or who I want to be in the future? 
I had a brilliant idea to reread all the Twilight books and spread it out so when the last movie came out I'll be nice an refreshed. Sadly I started the first book two weeks ago and am already half way through Eclipse... oops. Stephanie Meyer truly has a gift for wonderfully soppy romance books that are supernatural and fun to read! Have any of you read The Host? It's amazing as well... Anyways, back to the topic, I have been slightly obsessing over Pacific Northwest fashion over the past weeks. And as usual I am very inspired by London fashion as well. Mixing these two styles has proved to be... interesting. I like the challenge, but sometimes I pull on three different outfits in one day! Which is incredibly annoying. I've been wearing jeans lately because I walk in my cloest and become too frustrated to pull together a lovely ensemble. Hence no pictures... jeans and pictures are not my favorite thing to do. 
Hopefully all my new clothes for Christmas will fix all these worries, I'm getting a leather jacket! So excited. 
I'll probably update before Christmas but if I don't I hope you all have a merry one! 

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Holiday Lookbook

Hi gals and pals!
I put three holiday outfits together for y'all. I've been thinking a lot about holiday ensembles as of late and began to wonder what I would want to wear if I was attending my families Christmas Eve party {first outfit}, what I would wear over to my best friend's house to play dreidel and make latkas {second outfit}, and then finally would I love to wear this year at home, casual and comfy {last outfit}

Headband: MyLabel, Necklace: House Of Fraser, Dress: Modcloth, Tights: Modcloth, Oxfords: Lulu*s, Cardigan: Woolrich
Dress: Desire Clothing, Necklace: Barneys, Belt: Warehouse, Cardigan: Modcloth, Shoes: Modcloth, Purse: Modcloth
Boots: Juicy Couture, Scarf: Armani Exchange, Gloves: Jack Willis, Jeans:Marc by Marc Jacobs, Sweater: Aeropostale, Cap: Debenhams

Happy Holidays!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Flying By

Christina Perri -- Bluebird

{Boots: Vintage -- Tights: Target -- Dress: Modcloth -- Sweater: H&M -- Coat: Forever 21 -- Beret: H&M}

I walk outside the door and feel the cold rush of air on my cheeks. It is chillier than I had pictured when putting together this outfit, perhaps sweater tights would have been more appropriate. Already committed, I walk on to the forest line. The usual routine follows, set up the tripod, turn on my wireless remote, double check settings on my camera and then smile big. Everything is normal, but then I hear it. Hear what you ask? It sounds distant, like a far away diesel truck. But then it grows louder and louder, to a deafening roar. No, not a roar, a screech. I look around, puzzled, but see nothing. Then I look up. Thousands of tiny birds are flying across the winter sky. I stare a minute, from such a far distance, completely astonished. Only then do I realize what a wonderful time it is to have my camera out! I quickly snatch my Canon off the tripod and manage one shot, I knew I only needed one. The contrasting black of birds and branches against a grey overcast sky couldn't have made for a more beautiful picture. 

Where are they traveling to, I pondered after they were out of sight. How free and liberating it must feel to fly away, anywhere you like! Travel the world if your up to it. I have never felt more envious of an animal then when I stared up at the pepper specks against the greying clouds. It seems unfair that they could live such carefree and simple lives. Maybe, one day, I can gather up all my courage and fly wherever my heart desires too. 

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

In The Spirit

Olivia Olson -- All I Want For Christmas Is You

{Oxfords: Bass -- Tights: Target -- Dress: Modcloth -- Cardigan: Thrifted}

Hi everyone! 
Hope all are well... I have been thoroughly enjoying the life of a girl with bangs. I can't explain how much easier my daily routine is and how much better I feel about my looks over all. These bangs have given me a bit of needed confidence as well as a ton of compliments. Why didn't I get them sooner?!

In other news, the weather has become chilly and Panera has started selling their yummy gingerbread cookies and peppermint hot chocolate; in other words I am in the holiday mood! All I want to do is buy presents and stare at our twinkling giant of a christmas tree. I don't even mind all the holiday songs they repeat at work constantly. And my Christmas break has begun, so now I am off till February! Hooray. My mother is coming to visit for New Year's and then I am going to Disney World with the boyfriend and his family, and when we get back home my lovely sister is visiting. Talk about a million things to look forward to!

Oh, before I forget, Modcloth has been having these daily sales on top of hundreds of items they added to the regular sale section, you definitely need to check it out. Considering I am already getting a lot of Modcloth things for Christmas I've been trying not to buy anything, but it's so tempting haha! 

Have a splendid week lovelies!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Bang Bang!

I've got bangs, finally! Was so tired of constantly pinning my hair back or wearing headbands. These fun bangs are a much needed relief. And they look really cute with all my slouchy berets too! What do you think?

Thursday, December 8, 2011


Clare Maguire -- The Shield And The Sword 

Okay if you haven't seen the music video for this one, please do! This girl is so beautiful and wears amazing clothes. Totally an inspiration for me! 

{Shoes: Forever 21 -- Tights: Target -- Dress: Forever 21 -- Cardigan: Urban Outfitters -- Coat: H&M -- Beret: H&M}

Hi pals! 
Isn't the floral pattern on this dress so lovely? I am pretty sure it cost under fifteen dollars too. Hooray for deals! Do any of you lovelies know where you can buy a sweater shaver thing-a-bob? This one is way too fuzzy and it's so warm and perfect, except for all the pieces hanging off. 

I'm sorry my posting has been a bit slow lately, I know I've been a terrible blogger over the past two weeks. Things should be up and running back to normal soon though. Finals and work have been a tid bit hectic. I'm really loving my new job though, everyone is super supportive and fun to be around. Yesterday one of the girls made red velvet cupcakes for everyone, which is my absolute favorite, yum! 

I've missed reading all your blogs, I hope to get caught up on them tonight.  I almost forgot to mention, it started snowing while I was driving home from work last night, fun right? Maybe a white Christmas this year!

Have a great weekend guys!